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General Search Engine Optimisation News

General news postings on SEO, search engine optimisation, search marketing, web marketing and internet marketing


Link Building

Discussion on Link Building projects and backlink development


Keywords and LSI

Discussion on the importance of relevant keywords and how to generate your list of keywords and LSI terms


SEO Training

Discussion on SEO Junkies' training courses, essential and hardcore courses so that you can implement SEO yourself


Copywriting and SEO

Discussion on the main drive of internet marketing - Content, and how to keep it up to date

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Conversion Rate Optimisation

Conversion Rate Optimisation (or CRO) is the process of analysing customer interaction on your website, and coming up with workable solutions to customer engagement problems to drive conversions. CRO will help you sell more online!


Google News

Contains SEO related articles specific to optimisation for Google. Search engine optimisation techniques for ranking high on Google


Multilingual SEO

Discussion on how we can improve your SEO where-ever you are in the world with multilingual SEO


SEO Glossary

Information on SEO terms that you will come accross while optimising a website


Online Marketing

Discussion on Online Marketing, Online Visibility and the benefits of SEO. Internet advertising is a necessity for any business to draw in traffic


Social Media Optimisation

Discussion on Social Media Optimisaiton and Marketing


Search Engine Information

Search Engine Information

Latest SEO Blog Entries

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Common Multilingual SEO Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

It is important to get your multilingual SEO right as it can promote your business worldwide and be very profitable. Our SEO Consultants at SEO Junkies have come up with these common mis [...] Read more >

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