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SEO most effective for lead generation

posted in General Search Engine Optimisation News by Warren on 16:03 Nov 4th, 2011
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Recent research carried out into the effects of online marketing has shown that SEO is the most successful method when compared to PPC or Social media marketing in terms of lead generation. The majority of the researcher’s respondents were B2B, although B2C respondents were included.

Respondents claimed that a main consideration for the success of their campaigns was based upon website traffic, than that it was compared to brand awareness. As SEO campaigns are primarily based on driving traffic to a website (similarly to that of PPC), and more specifically driving traffic to certain pages of a website to increase the conversion rates, it is not surprising that many businesses are favouring Search Engine Optimisation.

The research also exposed the budget allocation of the respondents and not surprisingly SEO was the main expense for B2B, and second for B2C.

The social media spend for both B2B and B2C was considerably smaller for both industries, however despite this fact, the proposed spend for the coming year shows an increase in social media marketing. SEO is often responsible for driving traffic to a website (via search engines) and increasing immediate conversion rates, and it can be said that social media campaigns are responsible for increasing brand awareness, as they often have an active level of interaction with the public. It appears that many businesses are attempting to get two feet in the door, by increasing their brand awareness and by maintaining their search engine visibility. For SEO companies this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as social media campaigns can be incorporated into any SEO campaign, and therefore increasing the possibility of a good ROI for clients.

Currently the success of social media campaigns was considered to be greater for B2C than it was for B2B. This was presumably as there are a greater number of campaigns targeting customers than there are targeting businesses, as they are often easier to support with traditional types of marketing such as TV, radio and magazine advertising.

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