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SEO Can you DIY?

posted in General Search Engine Optimisation News by Zoe on 09:02 Feb 22nd, 2012
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SEO has always been on the cards for all types of businesses large or small. Search engine optimisation over the years has been done by thousands of agencies but also thousands of individuals, so why now are more and more people turning to SEO agencies for help?

Many customers will tell us that that there ranking have dropped even though they have optimised for keywords, others say they have all the relevant content but are still dropping. Is search engine optimising becoming harder? Here are a few reasons why the traditional SEO techniques are not so effective.

Everyone is doing SEO...

Firstly after many years of individuals and agencies working towards search engine optimisation, the competitors have only increased. When SEO first came around it was just an extremely specialist subject and in many ways it still is, but back in the day there were only very few people with knowledge of the web to be able to get any results. As the age of technology has taken over we have become cleverer in our usage of the web and so had Google.

Businesses now don’t just build a website using any old coding in any old way, with the help of W3C guidelines everyone is now building what they would call “SEO friendly” websites. Thinking right from the start about content, blogging and linking strategies, how can someone be on top when everyone is doing the same thing?

Tools for search engine optimisation...

Whether you use webmaster tools, analytics tools or Page Rank testers, there are hundreds of SEO tools out there. So how does the average Joe Bloggs decide which tools he needs to look at and which tools are even important?

Tools such as Google Webmaster Tools provide an online business owner with all the data and stats they need to see what is right and wrong with the website. However when they use this site to help there SEO efforts it can be very deceiving. For example you may see a decline in site speed which you think has caused your rankings to drop, however it is actually to do with duplicate content which is found elsewhere in webmaster tools. If you are going to use online tools for search engine optimisation you need to know what you are looking for and this is where the expert SEO agencies jump in to help with their extensive knowledge of many of these tools.

Web technology and SEO friendliness...

How many online web designers now claim to build SEO friendly websites? A lot.

Many businesses trying to do SEO themselves will come across this problem, whether it comes down to an ecommerce platform or mobile site, Google is constantly updating and changing its algorithm to give everyone a fair chance. So what is SEO friendly one day may not be the next...

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Great post right here.

Comment by: Andry on 10:41 Apr 17th, 2012
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