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Placing keywords in URL part of your SEO campaign

posted in General Search Engine Optimisation News by Jenny on 13:05 Sep 19th, 2012
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Placing keywords in URLs as part of your SEO campaign

Choosing the most relevant keywords in your URLs can be an important part of your Search Engine Optimisation strategy. This is because search engine crawlers will read the keywords that you have included in the URL to decide if the content is relevant to your customers’ search terms. The more words that you can include in the URL address that match the ones that your customers are typing into search engines the better your results will be. We have included tips in the SEO Junkies blog before on the importance of including keywords in your URLs. However, it is also important to recognise the value of the order and position of these keywords within the URL.

Help your SEO strategy by strategically positioning keywords in the URL

Positioning keywords further forward in the URL will make a difference to your search engine optimisation campaign’s ranking results. The location of the keywords in the URL can influence the performance of your site in the search engine rankings. For example, would perform better than This is because the search engine robots put more importance on words that appear earlier in the URL text. So not only is it important to include your keywords in your URL, but also to ensure that you include them as early as possible in the URL address so that the search engines give them maximum importance when assessing your site’s relevancy to your customer’s search terms.

Keyword positioning matters to SEO

This prioritising of the keywords that appear in your URLs is similar to the practice of making sure that your keywords appear as close to the top of your written content as possible. Search engines will prioritise the relevancy of words appearing in the earlier part of the text. This principle also applies to URL addresses and this is an example of a strategy that will make your SEO campaign considerably more effective.

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