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Why SEO is not an Out of Box Solution

posted in General Search Engine Optimisation News by Paul on 14:11 Nov 14th, 2012
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I'm writing this because I've heard many individuals tell me that often during their initial pursuit for a good search engine optimisation company or professionals; they come across SEO ‘out of box’ solutions. A set of fixed price, one off payment, pre-packaged SEO solutions that are supposedly enough to resolve any online ranking challenges you may have or meet any search engine optimisation objectives you want met; all of which achieved by simply submitting a website and keywords. My concern with such a proposition is that how can anyone offer future-proof SEO results solely from off page work and guarantee results therein?

Pre-determined and Pre-set Search Engine Optimisation Techniques do not Work

SEO progress is not something that a little magic and perhaps some trickery will help achieve. In fact what works for one website does not necessarily have to work for another. There are numerous factors governing Search engine optimisation that it thus becomes essential to work each website as an individual case with independent requirements. SEO is fluid in texture, to see results you need to give it room to change, to adopt and to manoeuvre through the different search engine requisites.

You Need SEO Professionals to Help Customise a Fool Proof and Effective Strategy

I reiterate the fact that you cannot buy a pre-determined SEO solution off the shelves as search engine optimisation strategies need be designed specifically for each website after studying factors of its current status, goal, competition etc. While there are some basic SEO techniques that act as a foundation and may well be common practice , it is essential we realise the similarities end there because then the construction of a SEO plan requires professional assistance, something that a Search engine optimisation professional like us at SEO Junkies can offer.

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