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Has The Disavow Tool Worked For SEO?

posted in General Search Engine Optimisation News by Jenny on 08:00 Dec 28th, 2012
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How Is The Disavow Tool And Search Engine Optimisation Related?

If you have been desperately trying to get your website to page one in the past and have used an SEO company who have used ‘black hat’ techniques. This could have worrying consequences. This is because SEO companies who use ‘black hat’ techniques are likely to use a mass of unnatural link building. This may do well for your site to start with; however, this can have grave consequences for your website in the long run.

If you log into webmaster tools and are unlucky enough to find a message saying that Google has detected unnatural links on your website. It is likely that you have been hit by the Google penguin cottoning on to the unnatural back-links onto your site. This can result in your website being removed from Google listings altogether, which will undoubtedly put a halt to your online business and any future plans for seo.

If this occurs, there are a few things which you can do. Firstly, you can try removing all the unnatural back links from your website. However, if you cannot reach other websites to ask to remove links, or whatever reason, the disavow tool may be able to help you to make amends with Google.

How Successful Is The Disavow Tool In Regards To SEO?

The disavow tool has had countless success stories as it allows you to list the websites which you do not want to be associated with, and Google will break the links. This can solve the problems of unnatural linking and will enable you to have a successful search engine optimization campaign in the future. If you would like help getting to page one of Google, even if you have been penalised in the past, call SEO Junkies today on 0845 373 0595


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