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Employing an SEO Company

posted in General Search Engine Optimisation News by on 09:23 Jan 22nd, 2013
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When deciding which SEO company you want to employ to undertake the vital task of getting your company’s website at the top of the search engines results page - you have to pick one that knows what to do with the tools of the trade.

Questions such as:

  1. How many unique visitors does my website get a day?
  2. Is traffic increasing or decreasing
  3. Which are the most popular keywords and terms people are using to find you?
  4. What pages are considered the highest in value by visitors?
  5. Which pages convert the most visits into sells?

Beginning Your Search Engine Optimisation Process

If you don’ t have any kind of analytics tools in place such as “Google Analytics”, you will be needing these if you want to efficiently direct your attentions to where they are needed on your site. Google analytics is free and you can sign up to it in very easy steps. Don’t worry if you’re not a technical person, we will do the analysing for you anyway.

However from the perspective of getting your company’s search engine rankings high, it is good to get Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics set up as soon as possible.

Search analytics is a relatively new type of tool. It gives you an understanding of how your website cooperates with search engines.

Competition analysis is also something which every decent SEO company should take seriously and we go to great lengths to know who we are dealing with. We find that it is not always the big players that are making it to the top spot- a lot of the time the smaller companies have gone to great lengths to practice the art of search engine optimisation but don’t feel as restricted by the laws of commerce and Google’s own policies- giving them an advantage in this respect.

However, rest assured that SEO Junkies only employ the most ethical of techniques and will be sure to help bring about the demise of your competitors if we do find they aren’t playing by the rules. In our over 15 years of experience SEO junkies have seen many companies come and go from the top 3 spots in Google. Ours however has stayed in the top 3 for the term “SEO” quite some time now and will continue to do so.

One way we can bring down the cheaters is by reporting them with the dashboard on Google Webmaster tools, finding them out by using the backlink analysis device “Open Site Explorer”. Most ethical sites won’t just try to gain as many links as possible from almost anywhere they can; they will aim for reputable sites.

An example of where an unethical website got its comeuppance can be seen here: had problems with a site called which for a short time had the number 1 and 2 positions on Google when the term “Gift Certificates” was searched for. It had a related site called “” with a free hit counter that sent “link spam” to countless other sites all leading back to and other related sites. Then someone wrote an article on a website which Google ended up seeing and was ruined- when you typed the name of the company into the Google search bar there were only two search results.

Search Engine Optimisation Questions

We also realise that we are not (nor is anyone else) the completed article and there is always more to learn. We search out the best in the field to understand what they are doing. We find who is consistently ranking in the first half of the page for significant keywords and ask ourselves these questions-

  1. Do Google and Yahoo! Fully index them? i.e. Are all their webpages making it onto Google’s database or just a small percentage?
  2. Do their product and category pages have keyword rich page titles that are different with each page?
  3. How high is their PageRank for the most important pages of the site?
  4. Is anchor text keyword rich?

Is the website being penalized for too much keyword repetition etc

Supposing you have found certain competitors who are achieving their results by playing fairly- now we go about finding out their tactics.

So we ask ourselves-


  1. Which keywords are they choosing?
  2. Which companies are making links to their homepage or category pages?
  3. What technology are they using to get search engine robots to handle the site? Are they using a different webpage for the spiders compared to the one Google users will see?
  4. What will be the result of their future SEO plans on the amount of people visiting the website and therefore, the amount of conversions? We use our analysis tools to record a number of their statistics and characteristics and see how they alter the websites standing over a given period

What were they doing long ago that is different to what they are doing now? We have a set of tools we use to study their HTML source to see what they were doing in the past.

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