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The Vast Reach of SEO

posted in General Search Engine Optimisation News by Jenny on 11:56 Jan 23rd, 2013
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SEO, as has been stated, is too important now for any business to disregard. Especially if you are a start-up or a medium size company, if you lack the skills and know how to get your site onto the first page of Google you will have a hard time gaining traffic and therefore gaining sales for your business. For countless organisations, SEO brings a greater return on investment than TV, newspapers and radio. SEO’s importance is continually growing and a report compiled by shows that as early as 2009, SEO saw a 50% return on investment.

Beat The Competition With Search Engine Optimisation

Supposing your site has a decent set of topics and good prices or informational value associated with it, will it be the only site with those characteristics? Unlikely. There are probably 100 other sites similar to it which have been around longer. Google values older websites highly, one reason (among many) being that spamming websites don’t stay around as long as other websites and Google can efficiently keep these websites from being on the first few pages by using this as one of their ranking methods.

The phrase “content is king” is appropriate here. Fresh content can’t be appreciated enough when it comes to getting higher Google rankings. One of SEO Junkies approaches is to have large team of people who work exclusively on content development ready at hand who will take the time to understand your company and its target audience and design fresh content aimed towards those markets.

Keyword targeting is a specialty- since we know that long tail queries (search terms that are more than one or two words) are widely used, we investigate these phrases and design the whole blog/article to focus on these popular phrases/words. Because of your relevancy to the search terms we have investigated for you, more people will be visiting your site which in turn leads to people linking to your site because it is a site of authority. Here the phrase “back links are queen” is appropriate.

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