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Blogging for Local SEO

posted in Copywriting and SEO by Carl on 13:55 Jan 25th, 2013
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How much truth is there in local companies resorting to blogging to quick fix their local rankings? Well the fact remains that there is absolutely no short cut or quick fixes to SEO and local search engine optimisation is very ongoing and consistent practice which uses blogging as a medium for improved results.  Blogging is not necessarily an expensive, time consuming and challenging SEO practice. If effectively executed good search engine optimisation can be a secret weapon that works its way into giving you desirable results.

Frequent Blogging Improves Local SEO Results

Many local companies are yet to accept and open their eyes to the benefits of blogging in SEO. Their ignorance works positively for those of you who can exploit this to your advantage. Since most businesses are occupied using optimisation tactics like acquiring local citations, linking, listings, reviews etc, they often undermine the local search results. But even if one player in the market begins continuously blogging then they can find themselves with the upper hand when compared to the rest.  So the bloggers enjoy the search engine optimisation benefits, which otherwise the non bloggers miss out on.

Benefits Enjoyed By Blogging For Local SEO

• New and fresh content periodically uploaded
• Interactive audience experience is made possible with blogging
• Your website can acquire a unique link profile
• A great method to establish social media presence
• Boosts search engine optimisation immensely as it gives your company an additional online voice
• Advocates customer engagement
• Blogging helps you rank in blog search as well as in general search results thus increasing visibility.

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