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The Differences Between SEO and CRO

posted in Conversion Rate Optimisation by Carl on 10:44 Feb 14th, 2013
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Search engine optimisation (SEO) and conversion rate optimisation (CRO) are two practices which can often overlap when businesses look to improve the online performance of their website. Over the past few years there has been a long debate over whether one is more important than the other, or if they can work harmoniously together in order to generate online success.

Why Do Websites Need SEO and CRO?

To begin, CRO is defined as a method of creating an experience for a website visitor with the goal of converting them into a customer. SEO on the other hand involves the process of increasing the volume of quality traffic to a website from search engines via organic (unpaid) search results.

Both practices have their benefits and can overlap in terms of the benefits they provide a business.

• Firstly, they are both concerned with website visitors. However they differ in that conversion rate optimisation is focused on giving the visitor an optimised user experience whereas search engine optimization looks to find specific visitors where they are searching and convince them to visit the website.
• Both methods should be focused on quality traffic. Good SEO will target search terms from visitors who are likely to respond well to your website while good CRO will provide a website experience for visitors who are highly likely to convert based on the optimisation changes you’ve made,
• Finally, both methods are a way to make more money online.

Regardless of the differences between the two, many industry experts believe efforts should be made to intertwine certain aspects of each method. So apart from an SEO agency increasing rankings on the SERPs and driving more traffic to the website, they should also create content which resonates with the targeted visitors and supports the efforts of conversion rate optimisation. This can be through persuasive meta descriptions, good landing pages with written content which can inspire conversions and targeting keywords based on consumer insights. For example, if you are a holiday destination website with offers and deals, you will need to target keywords for specific geographic regions. However you need to target the search terms that holiday seekers will type, not people looking for facts and information on the region.
Once the visitors have been successfully brought onto the website, conversion rate optimization can come fully into effect.

SEO Agency With Search Engine and Conversion Rate Optimisation Services

CRO and SEO work successfully in partnership. An online business cannot reach its full potential when it utilises one method over the other. Therefore it is important when selecting an SEO agency, that you choose one which incorporates conversion rate optimisation into its practices. If a great amount of traffic comes to your website but they aren’t compelled to convert, all your search engine optimisation efforts are wasted. Likewise if you have invested heavily in conversion rate optimization but no one can find your website through the search engines, you’re limiting the amount of success you can experience.

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