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What Does The Future Hold For SEO From 2013 Onward

posted in Google News by Carl Brooks on 17:33 Mar 7th, 2013
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With all the recent Google updates we experienced in 2012, regarding the Panda and Penguin updates; how secure is your website and its search engine rankings? Just what have all these Google updates caused to make everyone re-think all their search engine optimisation techniques?

How Google Algorithm Updates Have There Been So Far?

There appeared to be a Google Algorithm update at the beginning of this year. This had an impact on how every website ranked.

Following this alleged Google Algorithm update at the beginning of January 2013, Google announced that there was another Panda update that took place at the end of January, affecting ‘low quality’ websites. A low quality website was defined as any site that consisted of poor quality content and navigation. 

Another effect which would have impacted SEO took place shortly after and this caused fluctuations in the results for certain keywords when searching in Google.

The page rank toolbar by Google was updated at the beginning of February. This however is not a bad thing as your page rank is to do with your back links and the quality of your website content. If all these are in order your website stood the chance of increasing in page rank, making you a more authoritative site.
Google then hit us again with another Penguin update.

Recently, Google have released a step by step information guide for users to access an interactive platform to know how Google search engine algorithm works. This should provide some assistance for websites that have gone through the ringer over the last few months of updates.

So What Do We Need To Monitor For Our SEO Now?

Good content which is based on relevant news and updates, edited regularly throughout your website. The understanding and needs of your target audience and customers are vital, to keep them interested.

Social Media does play a role in search engine optimisation, as your regular news should be featuring on the likes of Twitter, Facebook and other social media websites.

As long as you have more quality content which is interesting for your viewers and has natural links, you should find it okay to keep your SEO maintained. Also, you should be practicing white hat SEO for your client’s website, as it ensures that Google keeps your rankings stable long term. Black hat techniques are an unethical quick fix which can leave your website in obscurity when Google detects it.

SEO Agencies Offering Help

The future for SEO may look doubtful but it is still very important to maintain it no matter what Google is throwing at you.

Keep SEO content clean and in the future you should see that your website will maintain its good rankings. Also, make your search engine optimisation localised for the surrounding area of your business or service. This is due to the fact that people are using their mobile phone to search for local businesses more and more.

As a trusted SEO agency we only carry out SEO the proper way which is through white hat SEO techniques. We have a team of experts who will maintain your website’s SEO practices and keep them current. This all enables your website to rank well and increase traffic to your website.

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