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SEO Agency Review Google's Penalisation Of Mozilla

posted in General Search Engine Optimisation News by Carl Brooks on 09:15 May 14th, 2013
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SEO agency, SEO Junkies, reviews Google's high profile penalisation.

Mozilla, the non profit organisation behind the web browser Mozilla Firefox, has been penalised by Google for spam links found on its site.

Mozilla Receives Penalty For Spam

Ironically, Mozilla, who was sponsored by Google, received a penalty this week after user-generated spamm was detected on their site. The penalty was first brought to the attention of users on the Search Engine Roundtable when Chris More, the web production manager for Mozilla, posted about the spam notice. The comment said:

>We got this message from Google and I have verified it in the webmaster tools:

Google has detected user-generated spam on your site. Typically, this kind of spam is found on forum pages, guestbook pages, or in user profiles. As a result, Google has applied a manual spam action to your site.

I am unable to find any spam on I have tried a site: [spam terms] and nothing is showing up on the domain. I did find a spammy page on an old version of the website, but that is 301 redirected to an archive website..

Last month, a similar situation occurred within the BBC, and Google issued them with a similar warning for unnatural linking. Responding in the same manner, a BBC representative posted on a forum for help. The difficulty in these situations is that although Googlees webmaster trend analyst, John Mueller, eventually commented, no official locationn of the spam was divulged. In the case of the BBC, they were simply warned that the penalty was issued, as one page on their site was deemed to have unnatural links directed at it. For Mozilla, a similar vague response was given, highlighting the reasons they were not able to locate the spam To some extent, we will manually remove any particularly egregious spam from our search results that we find, so some of those pages may not be directly visible in Googlees web-search anymoree.

Understanding Penalties And What You Have Done Wrong

From what can be understood about the penalties that Mozilla and the BBC received, a granularr action was taken by Google. Penalising only single pages that had notably spammy or unnatural links, it was not the whole Mozilla site that was affected.

When a penalty is issued, it is either manual or algorithmic. Algorithmic penalties are computer generated, and can generally be removed by completing a link disavoww on the offending links. With a manual penalty, it is issued by a member of Googlees webmaster team, and so in order to remove the penalty, the spam must be removed and a reconsideration request filed. Generally, Google will not publish the direct location of the spam, and so the site which has been penalised will have to detect it themselves. In cases such as Mozillaas, where a manual penalty was issued, it is likely that Google has already removed the spammy links, and so there is no longer anything to be removed. Technically, in this scenario, reconsideration can be requested without the need to remove anything.

Avoiding Penalties

If you, like many web users are confused about penalties and how to remove them, you can seek advice from a SEO agency like SEO Junkies. Specialists in SEO and white hat techniques, we can help you to avoid penalisation through industry recognised techniques. An expert SEO agency, we provide professional and effective SEO, PPC and CRO campaigns. For more information or to receive a quote, call the team on 0845 373 0595 or email

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