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How Has Search Engine Optimisation Evolved?

posted in General Search Engine Optimisation News by Diane Forster on 10:02 Aug 22nd, 2013
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Search Engine Optimisation Timeline


Search engine optimisation is a diverse topic and a good understanding of SEO is the first step to getting to the top spot of search engine rankings. In this blog, we have a look at the evolution of search engine optimisation and what it takes to be a success in ecommerce today.

15 years ago ecommerce was completely different to how it is today. Success was dependent on the platform you chose to build your business and businesses required a good IT team to guide them through the best practices and up the ladder of success. With the rapid rise of Google a decade later, marketers turned their focus to search engine marketing and search engine optimisation. Online marketers thought that using these techniques would make up for the deficiencies they found from selling on their platform by driving traffic to their website. Acquisition channels, such as Google AdWords, needed consultants to tell marketers where to invest their money and although testing existed, only wealthy companies could afford the original generation of online testing solutions.

Five years ago, the field of search engine optimisation changed again, as testing became affordable in the form of A/B and multivariate testing products. In the more recent years new acquisition channels such as social media emerged and website testing continued to evolve. Ecommerce companies were exposed to other products and services including online merchandising solutions that allowed for recommendations, visual search and much more.

In today’s new era of digital marketing, customer orientation is crucial and businesses are focusing on technologies that will deliver optimal customer experience across every different channel. Marketers are beginning to look for ways to provide their customers with an unique experience through every interaction; in emails, display ads, search results, in-store and almost anywhere and everywhere.

Now comes the question. Where do you stand in terms of search engine optimisation? In this new age, a successful ecommerce business not only requires technical and financial resources but also needs to have an in-depth understanding of their customers. The better you know your customers the better for your business.


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