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Google Hummingbird WILL Impact Links

Many ecommerce websites are concerned about the latest Google update, Hummingbird, and the effect it might have on their SEO. While it might be too early to understand the actual impact of the latest search engine u[...] Read more >


How You Can Benefit From Using Google Link Disavow

Do you want to rank higher in search engines? Well now you have a the perfect tool to help you do just that. The new Google Link Disavow Tool will allow you to manage all inbound links and improve your website&rsquo[...] Read more >


SEO It is not always the backlinks fault

Back linking tends to be a major part of any SEO or search engine optimisation campaign, some businesses running whole campaigns around back linking. Now it has become a modern trend to blame your back linking strat[...] Read more >


Page Rank Sculpting For SEO

There are many mysteries as to how Google rank our websites on the search results. However we are fairly confident that Page Rank is one of them. But how can we use Page Rank or Page Rank sculpting to benefit our SE[...] Read more >


The Importance of Good Back Linking

As a search engine driven mainly by off-page factors, it is important to satiate Google’s appetite for backlinks. However, backlinking isn’t a simple process of just creating a link to your website. It&r[...] Read more >


Spammy links harm your ranking more than you think

Spammy links may harm your ranking more than you realise. Google’s ranking algorithm has always been heavily influenced by links back into your site and into particular pages on your website. Last year ther[...] Read more >


Linking Tips

A strong link building strategy is a crucial feature for any online marketing campaign. It is easy to miss out on the large amounts of traffic that can be gained from incorporating accurate link building. When const[...] Read more >


Link Building Approaches

Building page links into your online marketing strategy can be a great way to increase the number of visits to your web pages and in turn improve your overall page rank. There are numerous on page and off page metho[...] Read more >


Themed Link Building and Your Website's Authority

Themed Link Building helps to build authority for your website on your chosen keyword searches. Link building is crucial to good SEO, but there are different types of backlink and some are more valuable than others.[...] Read more >


Copywriting & Link Building To Improve Rankings

Many hours are spent creating attractive and informative copy in order to give consumers a greater level of ease when searching for specific products, services or information via the internet. Effective SEO copywrit[...] Read more >

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