Why are Online Press Releases Important?

How can Online Press Releases help with SEO?

Online press releases are very similar to standard articles although the reason for submission is different. Normally an online article is used to generate traffic to a website or business by building brand awareness and sending notifications about your business news to the general public in hope for sales. The content of these press release articles would be the same as for one that is submitted online, but our SEO specialists want press releases in order to help improve search engine optimisation ranking results and online journalists will be reading the press release articles as well as users.

Online Press Releases are Links

By having your press release approved by top online PR websites you are gaining high quality links to your website so improving your off-page optimisation with an increasing number of backlinks. This form of link building is one of the best around because they are one-way links pointing to your site without requiring a reciprocal link in return, they are from high pagerank online PR websites so each link is very high quality and submissions can be done very quickly so you get lots of links at once.

Online PR is a Traffic Generator

Another benefit of online press releases is the quick response in getting the articles approved, you can submit the press release and have it online with minutes therefore gaining the benefits almost instantly. Users who are subscribed to those sites will be updated with new articles so it can generate an immediate increase of traffic, if you were to continue submitting press releases users would keep visiting your website for updates therefore helping your website gain a higher number of daily traffic hits constantly.

Online Press Releases can Increase Brand Awareness

As well as working on your own website's SEO techniques which is the main aim to improve ranking results for your website, those articles that have been submitted will also rank well in the search engine results pages therefore that press release could come up for a search query and be another way to drive traffic to the website and increase brand awareness further by having your company name sprawled across the internet.

Online Press Release Services

SEO Junkies realise that online press release writing and oline press release distribution is a critical part of your seo strategy in order to be number one on the major search engines. With that in mind SEO Junkies provide a unique online press release service to it's clients. We have an in house team of experienced online PR writers where their role is to write a compelilng call to action online press release but writen in a SEO friendly manner. Once the SEO press release has been written the team of online press release experts know exactly where to submit the article so that it is promoted and distributed to the correct target market.

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