SEO Services

At SEO Junkies we have a highly skilled search engine optimization team to assess your website and provide you with an accurate proposal that will meet your SEO needs. All of our SEO services can be tailored to your exact requirements and customised to fit around your website, we know every website and search engine optimisation project is different so we make sure that the service you go for is suitable for your target keywords.

All of our search engine optimisation services involve keyword research and analsys so we target keywords that are suitable for your market, size of your website and popular search phases that are worth targetting. We know that all SEO projects need realistic aims so we will work together with you to agree suitable key terms.

SEO Strategies

Traditional SEO, which consists mostly of just the bog-standard on-page optimisation changes, isn't enough in the search engine marketing world anymore. In order to acheive the high, page 1 results that all businesses are after these days you need to go for an all-round strategy project. Our Strategic Development Plans ensure that every part of SEO is covered so your website receives optimization in every way, we will tailor our proposal so that the project fits in with the website and market so the service is bespoke to your exact requirements, and budget.

SEO Training Courses

Search engine optimisation can be done by anyone but you need to have the knowledge of an internet marketing expert in order to do it properly, and get the results that you want. We offer SEO training courses so that you can learn how to implement SEO techniques on your own website, and therefore have that skill thats required for page 1 results. Our training courses will give you all of the information you need to know about the key factors affecting SEO, and they are one of our most popular services, just have a look at our SEO testimonials from people who have been on the course.

Link Building Services

Off page SEO is all about obtaining backlinks to your website to make it more authoritive, each link is like a vote so the more you have, the more authoritive you become. However some search engines, Google especially, don't always look at the quantity of links but the quality. We offer a service where we will go out and get one-way, themed backlinks for your website and these backlinks will all have PageRank of 2 or higher. Backlinks with good PR are worth even more which is why we don't bother obtaining links with PR 0. The links that we obtain will also have SEO friendly alt text which you can provide and again make the link worth a lot more.
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