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Content is the king of search engine optimisation and we talk about it all of the time and how it can help to increase your SEO results by making your website an authority. We know it can take a while to write and add copy on your website so we offer a service to do it for you.

SEO Junkies can write all of the copy needed for a successful SEO campaign to save you time and improve your online marketing results. Content can have drastic impacts on your search marketing and help to draw in traffic, through gaining higher results on the search engine results pages. Content also helps to convert sales by advertising information about your business to customers.

Our copy writing service is included in our strategic development campaigns structured to improve search engine marketing results over an agreed period. All of our copy is researched and approved by yourselves before it’s syndicated out on to the internet, ensuring that you are totally happy with the work before it goes out. Our authors are experienced in writing copy for all different types of businesses, from many industries and they will always research a new market to make sure the copy writing is completely appropriate to the website. We provide copy in a number of different forms to cover each part of your search marketing project;

Blog Copy Writing Service

We can write and add blogs to your website regarding relevant topics that your website is related to and help increase ranking results for your targeted keywords. By having lots of relevant, natural copy on your website the search engines will see you as an authority on those topics therefore placing you higher on their databases.

Article Copy Writing Service

Articles can be written abut news within your industry or news within your specific company about offers or changes to guide people from other sources to your website. We submit our articles to top online directories where users can read and link back to your website. Articles can also help to obtain backlinks as well as promoting your business across a wider online audience.

Press Release Copy Writing Service

Press releases are similar to articles and will have the same effect on your SEO campaign although they are written slightly differently and our authors are knowledgeable on the differences between the two. By writing press releases as well as articles we can vary the copy that is being syndicated out on behalf on your website and push the campaign further.

Please contact our search marketing experts for more information on our copy writing services that are included in our campaigns, proven to help increase SEO ranking results. Our strategic plans also include social media updates which are another great way to help your company push SEO further and reach out to customers.

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