Internet Marketing

What is Internet Marketing?

Internet marketing is about promoting your business accross the internet to gain more traffic to your website and the benefits of usual marketing techniques, such as brand awareness. Millions of people use the internet every day and so advertising your company online is an extremely effective way to generate business, for both large mainstream markets and small niche markets, you will find a high ROI.

The different types of internet marketing and online advertising can be defined by your aim, whether it’s to increase brand awareness, generate traffic or to directly obtain more sales. To give you a better idea, here are some examples of the different internet marketing methods;

  • Search Engine Optimisation is a long term process which aims to drive more traffic to a website once good results have been obtained, therefore not generating direct sales although is it obviously more likely to increase sales with more traffic.
  • Pay Per Click advertising which is for companies looking for an immediate sale and more reliable traffic, although it can be more expensive. PPC ad's are the sponsored adverts that show on search engine results pages, both SEO and PPC make up search engine marketing together.
  • Email Broadcasts are a cheap and quick way to get your message out to an existing customer base, perfect for promoting offers or new products.

You may also want to look into Affiliate Marketing, Video Broadcasts or Banner Advertising

There are so many different options for online marketing that there will be an option for you whatever size your budget is or who your target market is. It will be beneficial for you to find out about each method of advertising to find the right solution and SEO Junkies can help to give a quick summary about the different internet marketing strategies to save you the research as well as having sister companies in other areas of online advertising.

Why Choose Online Advertising?

More and more people are using the internet every single day, it’s probably the first way that you would think to find anything that you’re looking for. Not only are there more internet users day by day but there are more websites being built, company’s need them so that they can market their online businesses to internet users and online shoppers. Not having a brochure website or an ecommerce solution website in these times is like not having a front door, it’s the only way to get yourself out there and market your online business.

Having a website is not only a good way of giving information to everyone around the world, it becomes an extremely effective way of advertising your business. Online advertising is quick, easy and cheap if you do it properly, and the results can be huge.

By opening up your business to new media concepts you will find that you will pull in a new market and a huge amount of new customers, in current times many people don't read newspapers or the advert slips within them, and there are also people who don't watch television but do use the internet so there's a huge amount of users you will be missing out on. Also, your customers will appreciate the attempt to communicate with them, to give them information about your products or where to find the appropriate information. Especially with social media optimisation where companies are posting updates on networking websites like Twitter, customers can ask direct questions through another channel separate to the website itself, which feels much more personal and comfortable. Any opportunity to give your customers another way to contact your business is an immediate benefit.

Online marketing is a fundamental element for any business, argubly the best way to sell and advertise your products in comparsion to other marketing methods available. Last year 65% of the UK had internet access in their home, and I’m sure the rest have it at work. That’s a huge amount of people that are just a click away from finding your website and your online business. There are many different types of internet marketing which allow you to advertise you website to users searching for similar services to those you provide so you are targeting your market directly.

Internet Marketing Budgets

For any marketing campaign you need to set a firm budget for each timeframe to ensure that you can track it easily so you know what's going on. Without a budget you'll end up looking back to find much more money gone than expected, and once a budget has been set, you can find an internet marketing option that suits it.

Sticking to your set online marketing budget will help you to bargain with your chosen internet marketing agency and get you the best deal around, as well as ensuring that the budget is not all used up before you reach the end of the year. When speaking to the different internet marketing companies ensure that you are informed of all of the costs that may be incurred throughout the year so you are not stung by them once signed up, many companies also ask for an initial upfront payment but check you will be getting your money's worth before handing it over.

Online Marketing Companies

When looking for an agency to work on your internet marketing make sure they know what they're doing. Here at SEO Junkies we are dedicated to search engine optimisation but we also have sister companies specialising in other areas of the industry so we're sure that we can help you. The best way to check if your online marketing company knows what they're doing is by looking at previous results they have gained for other clients, or have a look at their case studies. Our parent company Advansys have years of experience in marketing websites online, from fresh new sites to older companies that need a reliable company to get them on the right track.

Internet Optimisation

SEO Junkies are a team of advertising specialists working to promote businesses and websites online through many different internet marketing techniques, but a lot of time we concentrate on optimising our client websites from a search engine optimisation pespective which we feel is definately the most effective after years of testing and experience. SEO contains so many different factors that when doing it fully and actually taking notice of each of those different elements, you will be stepping into different sections of online marketing, like social media. Getting good search engine marketing results will boost your internet visibility massively and then leave no need for further techniques, you will have the decision to push it further with the comfort that SEO can bring you enough traffic and power to run your business smoothly.

Website optimisation can be done 2 ways, one of which will give you great results, a highly optimised website and improve the brand awareness of the business. On the other hand, if you find an unethical SEO company they will fill your site coding with spam, cloaked content and links from bad neighbourhoods that will eventually get you penalised from the search engines leaving you with no traffic and a long task ahead to get back to where you started. We have proven optimisation techniques that will get your website ranking well all over the internet with top search engines and increasing online visibilty by spreading your business name out into article directories, networking websites, social bookmarking sites and so on.

If you're looking for any more information on internet advertising please do call our internet specialists who will be able to help with any query.

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