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SEO Services

SEO Junkies - Search Engine Optimisation Services Here at SEO Junkies, we are proud to offer a wide range of online services, particularly when it comes to improving your business’ ranking in search engines. Our SEO packages are effective for all major and minor search engines, including Google, Bing, Yahoo and more!

Types of Search Marketing

There are many different marketing techniques used by professional teams when it comes to offering SEO services. Making sure that you are utilising only the very best in modern and future-proofed SEO tactics is essential, particularly due to the fact that search engines are constantly evolving to update their core algorithms. This means that techniques which might have worked as recently as a few months before might no longer have the effect that you desire. . Without taking steps the ensure that your website keeps abreast of the latest search engine marketing techniques, you run the risk of your site being regarded as spam, which can severely impact the overall efficiency of your site. If your site does become regarded as spam, then it might even lead to your site being unranked – this complication can often take years to cover!

Here Are A Few Black Hat Techniques That You Need To Avoid!

Black hat marketing strategies have been used in the past by SEO companies to manipulate search engines and increase rankings over a very short period of time, but can quickly have an adverse effect to your website.

  • Link Farming – Building links with anchor text from multiple websites
  • Keyword Stuffing – filling your content with your chosen key phrase
  • Hidden Text – hiding text by colouring the text as white on a white background so it cannot be seen by a user, but it can be read by a search engine’s algorithm.
  • Overuse Of Anchor Texts – using the same anchor text consistently in links.
  • Thin, Or Insubstantial Content – Content that offers no real goal or has no real information that would interest a user.

Examples Of White Hat Techniques

White hat techniques are used to increase a website’s SERP position, in a completely natural way. By including great content that will allow users to digest the information and make an informed choice, or to share your content with others. By doing so, you will work to build brand awareness and authority, which are two of the biggest advantages offered by successful white hat techniques.

  • Forum Harvesting Services – Take the time to engage with your audience by becoming an authority speaker in relevant forums (offer advice and help where needed)
  • Citations Services – Get listed in your directories such as Yell!
  • Infographic Distribution Services – Create engaging infographics and share them with the world.
  • Google News Releases – Get listed in Google news with high quality content.
  • Synergise - Create partnerships with businesses close to your industry.

Local SEO

If you have a website, but you only serve your business’ local community, then we are proud to offer localised campaigns. These strategies allow you to target specific geographical areas which your business serves. This can include the creation of dedicated pages on your website and more localised keyword research, which will cause your site to rank higher in results for your local service areas.

Mobile SEO

Mobile SEO is still relatively a new practice, although it consists of the same (or very similar) techniques as traditional desktop SEO. However, this form of marketing is aimed at an audience of smart device users. . To accomplish this, you need to ensure that your website has been designed with responsiveness in mind, which is a dynamic website which will adapt to meet the requirements of the device which is used to access it. You also need to ensure that your page speeds have been optimised, to ensure fast loading on low speed bandwidths, which is essential for those users who are on the move.

Title tags, headers tags and content can still be created and included in the same way as it is in more conventional SEO.

How Can Search Engine Optimisation Work To Help Your Business?

Even though it is often overlooked as a marketing tool for online businesses, SEO remains the most effective method of achieving a high level of customer engagement with your brand. SEO has the potential to not only increase the ranking position of your site, but also to improve your business’ personality and make your brand identity more engaging as a whole.

Here at SEO Junkies, we take advantage of the latest SEO Services to ensure that all of the services we provide are effective as a means of attracting completely relevant traffic to your site. We are proud to be industry-leaders, and you will always find us at the cutting-edge of SEO.

The results of our effective SEO services are long-lasting and they revolve around two major goals; as a means of driving a greater amount of natural traffic to your site, whilst simultaneously encouraging an increasingly high conversion rate. From your perspective, this translates to an increase in sales, and a greater level of customer engagement with your business services.

Striving towards the top results spot of Google, Yahoo, Bing and every other search engine is an essential goal for any online presence. The easier your business can be found by relevant traffic, then the more traffic you will find arriving at your website.

It is a well-established fact that the very first position on the very first page of Google receives somewhere between 40 and 45% of all homepage clicks. This number drops significantly even on the first page, never mind every other SERP!

How Does Search Engine Marketing Work?

Search engines work by identifying keywords on a website, and aligning them with the terms that a potential customer is searching for. By creating high-performing content, which combines useful information with the ideal amount of keywords in the text itself, a website can draw in these search terms and make itself more likely to be recognised as relevant by the search engine’s algorithms.

Our dedicated SEO specialists will also create stronger back links, and our team of dedicated Search Engine copywriters work to create original and entirely unique on-page content, such as the inclusion of a blog, or highly-specialised articles based around target keywords.

Other, unseen, factors that play a big part in SEO can include small adjustments to a website’s code, to the structure of the site itself and the speed at which certain pages load. In fact, page loading speed has become a hugely important part of SEO, as more and more search engines focus on providing quick, satisfying experiences on their user’s behalf.

Here at SEO Junkies, we utilise only the most ethical white hat services, which result in a much more personally relevant and satisfying experience for the user. As important as ranking high on a search engine is, without the content and the website itself providing a solution to your customer’s problems, then your business is likely to receive a heavily negative reputation.

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