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Are You Making The Most Of Smart Search?

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Have you heard about Google’s latest algorithm update? The latest modification is focused towards producing the best results for those who use the search engine. The Hummingbird update uses the Knowledge Graph, which has been designed by Google to make complex search queries more accurate, and even take voice searches into account. 
How will the update influence your ecommerce website’s SEO and your own smart search? Here at SEO Junkies, we look into the features that can help you to effectively use your internal search to get a higher conversion rate. 

The Latest Search Algorithm Takes SEO To A New Level

In order to use the new search engine algorithm to your advantage with your SEO, you should think about what your visitor would want to find. After all, the Hummingbird update is aimed to provide the user with the best results based on the Knowledge Graph, which is also related to your search engine optimisation
The Knowledge Graph is an encyclopaedia that aims to provide the user with the answers, rather than just links. It also has a vast database of the most common search terms. Therefore, to make sure that your visitors stay on your ecommerce site, make sure you consider the following points:
  • Most of the time, people who visit your ecommerce website already have an idea of what they need, so they usually go right to the search box. This is likely to be their first point of contact with your ecommerce website, so you should ensure that the results provided are accurate. Avoid adding links that redirect the user to other websites. 
  • A great idea is to include a function which suggests what the user might be looking for, depending on the search query he or she has just typed. You can use it to show what you have on offer and to get them interested in your products or services.
  • As an ecommerce business owner, you can learn a lot of from the search queries entered by your customers. Try to find out what they need, and it will help you improve your website in order to provide the most relevant information for your users. 
Your ecommerce website’s SEO can also be tweaked in accordance with the most popular searches on your website. For instance, if a visitor searches for a generic term, you have the opportunity to use special search algorithms in order to determine what results are displayed. If the query is more complex, the search results will be simpler as the number of products that need to be displayed becomes smaller. 

Leading Search Engine Optimisers At SEO Junkies

Do you want to make more sales with innovative and effective search engine optimisation methods? Then SEO Junkies is the right company for you. We have been optimising and helping businesses drive their conversion rates for quite some time now. 
Always up-to-date with the latest Google’s updates, we can also help with your ecommerce website’s own smart search and SEO, so you can build your authority and a credible online presence. 
Are you ready to make the most of your ecommerce website’s smart search and SEO? Contact us by calling 0845 373 0595 or email 
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