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What Has Been Added To The Search Console?

posted in Google News by Diane

Recently Google has allowed access a beta version of the search console and this beta version has additional features. If you are interested in a digital marketing service from a SEO agency that understands how to e[...] Read more >


Googles Top 10 Biggest Mistakes

posted in Google News by Andy

It might be an unpopular opinion in the digital marketing world, but Google isn’t perfect. The search engine giants has certainly revolutionised the online world over the past few years and, now that the entir[...] Read more >


Googles Algo Update What Does It Mean For SEO?

posted in Google News by Diane Forster

An update to Google’s search engine algorithm is currently being rolled out. Industry-experts have been speculating about its purpose, but John Mueller, the analyst of Google’s Webmaster Trends confirmed[...] Read more >


How Google's 'Mobilefriendly' Update Affects sites

posted in Google News by Diane

Google will be updating its algorithm’s on the 21st April 2015 in what Google has coined as a “significant impact” on mobile search results for those searching on mobile platforms. This will lead t[...] Read more >


Keeping Up With Google; Localised SEO

posted in Google News by

Importance Of Localised SEO   With the introduction of Google Places and the launch of Google+, localised SEO is more important than ever. What is local SEO? When you perform a search on Google, it uses your [...] Read more >


Ranking Signals for Google Hummingbird Announced

posted in Google News by Diane

Google officially announced the release of a new algorithm within its search engine, named “Hummingbird”. Since its release, Google has claimed that it has affected as much as 90% of all search queries.[...] Read more >


Woopty Do! Hummingbird Algorithm Hits The SERP's

posted in Google News by Kurt Wilson

To mark its 15th anniversary, Google has rolled out the biggest algorithm update so far; Hummingbird. This algorithm focuses on the Knowledge Graph, an encyclopedia of concepts and relationships between the most pop[...] Read more >