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Why Is Site Authority Important For Rankings?

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Whether you are looking to start a search optimisation campaign or already have an SEO specialist on board, it is likely that you have heard the phrase ‘site authority' regularly used. For new start-ups, site authority can be difficult to come by, making it difficult to rank for competitive keywords. For a domain that has been building site authority for several years, rankings can be easier to achieve, but not instant.

How Can You Establish Your Site As Authoritative?

Site Authority Importance For RankingsOne word – Content. Great quality content is the key to internet marketing success. Helping to establish your website as an authoritative source, content in all forms, will help you to position yourself as a market leader amongst your competitors.

As a result of the latest updates to Google's algorithms, search results are now displaying authoritative sites over those which are simply popular. Looking closely at links, Google's algorithm differentiates between popular sites and those which are truly authoritative, ranking authority higher. Google's Hummingbird algorithm has been designed to help answer user queries with relevant pages that are useful to you. As a result of this, it is important that your website asks and answers questions that are relevant to your brand and market.

Matt Cutts, Google's Web Spam expert explained that PageRank or authority is a ‘measure of a site's reputation' and not popularity. Links are assessed to and from websites, so it is important to ensure only quality links from relevant sources are associated with your site. Think about:

  • Who is your site trying to attract?
  • What type of information they will be looking for?
  • How best you can supply this information

Top Tips For Increasing Your PageRank

Much like building up your brand's identity, achieving a high PageRank can take some time. One of the best ways to improve site authority is with content. To give the content the authority it deserves, creators must then take up authorship via Google+. If you haven't already created a Google+ account and identified authors, now is the time. Not only will this give a face to your business, but prove to Google that you are a human source of relevant copy.

1. Link your content to your Google+ account

2. Optimise your Google+ profile to show links to your blog

3. Create engaging and relevant content that answers users questions

4. Build up Circles and a following on Google+

5. Create Google Authorship to give your content a human face

Work On Your Site's SEO With Help From SEO Junkies

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