5 Reasons Why You Should Get Excited About Conversion Rate Optimisation

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Before we go into the ins and outs of conversion rate optimisation, we'll go over what it means first. In its dictionary form, 'conversion' is a term which describes the process of changing (or converting) something from one thing to another. In consumer terms, it's when a visitor to your site takes an action which you wanted them to. Ultimately, it converts a static visitor to your site into an active one. What are some of these actions?

  • Getting a user to sign up to a newsletter sent to their e-mail address daily
  • Making a visitor into a customer – i.e. getting them to make a purchase
  • Downloading your app
  • Leaving a review
  • How about creating a personal account with a login and password?

Or it could be something else entirely. Whatever activity you want your visitors to engage in on your site, conversion rates are a great way to gauge how well your site (and business) is doing. When your conversion rate tactics aren't working for whatever reason, the specialist SEO agency, SEO Junkies, are here to help. We recognise why specific tactics aren't working and optimise your site so that they do. Here are some of the reasons conversion rate optimisation is good news for sites.

5 Reasons Why Conversion Rates Are Beneficial To Your Site

1. An obvious advantage to conversion rate optimisation is more customers! - And the right kind of customers too (the ones who love your products and help your marketing efforts by telling everyone they know how great you are).

2. Optimisation makes financial sense – Profits are surprisingly sensitive to conversion rates, since profits are often what conversion rates are all about. Actions which don't promote the sale of a product are also beneficial however, since they can promote your site or products instead, and remind users that you exist!

3. The 'slight edge' phenomenon – Say you and your competitor both stock the same item, but their site is optimised to encourage users to 'convert' or buy on their site, whilst yours isn't. It's highly likely that their conversion rates will be higher, and they'll continue to be so without some attention and care that an SEO agency can offer.

4. More robust business – Because conversion rate optimisation is cost-effective, your business will continue to grow and improve. You'll be able to fund other areas of your business which need developing and you'll ultimately be on the path to a more professional and successful business.

5. First-mover advantage – If your competitors aren't using CRO already, they will be soon. When this happens, you'll forever be playing catch-up, which is counterproductive and can be expensive. Instead, lead the way and invest in high quality conversion rate optimisation.

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