What Is Conversion Rate Optimisation And Why Do You Need It?

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A conversion is when a visitor to a website takes an action that business wants them to take. Depending on the type of website, this could mean signing up to a newsletter, creating an account, purchasing a product or an app download. Conversion rate is the percentage of traffic carrying out whatever action is required. Increasing conversions is a goal for almost every website. Alongside our SEO services at SEO Junkies, conversion rate optimisation is another way we can help.

What Is Conversion Rate Optimisation?

Conversion rate optimisation (CRO) involves tracking and analysing the way customers and users interact with a website, and using the information gathered to increase conversion rates. At SEO Junkies, this information includes heat mapping, to see the pages users are visiting, click tracking and Google analytics data. When the information is gathered, we provide solutions which complement our other SEO services to help boost conversion rates. There are a few main concepts used to optimise conversion.

A/B Split-Testing – This involves altering a single page element, such as a call to action, and creating two versions of a website. Half the traffic sees one version and the half sees the other. Then the resulting difference in conversion is monitored.

Multivariate Testing – This differs to split-testing in that instead of just creating two versions of the site, there are multiple versions with multiple variations of a page element. This could include testing multiple versions of pictures, copy and calls to action in different combinations to find the best one. Because this splits traffic multiple times, a larger amount of traffic is required.

Call To Action – This is the primary button, link or other element which asks the user to take an action which could lead to a conversion. Example of these includes, 'sign-up' buttons for e-mail registrations, the 'buy now' button or a 'download now' button.

Conversion Funnel – This is the flow or journey the user takes to go from landing on your website right the way through to a converted sale.

Why Is Conversion Optimisation Needed?

A website may be gaining lots of traffic due to SEO campaigns or a social media strategy, which is great. However, if the same website has low conversion rates, the business is not receiving the full benefit of those visitors. The constant testing and the analysis of how users engage with a business will help enhance the user experience. Finding out what works and what doesn't means little improvements are always being made to make the process smoother for consumers. This will make it more likely a consumer will buy from and return to a website.

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