Search Engine Optimisation services aren’t just for large nationwide companies; small businesses can benefit from a local SEO campaign, tailored to a specific geographic location. So, if you’re interested in a professional local Search Engine Optimisation service, contact the SEO experts at SEO Junkies and enquire about our services for SEO In Wokingham.

Local SEO; 4 Important Tips!

If you’re interested in improving your business’ ranking in SERPs for local search, consider the following tips:

  1. Create High Quality Content
    With any SEO campaign, local or nationwide; high quality content is very important.

    Whilst other aspects of SEO such as keywords are indeed very important, if your website lacks quality content, it may suffer in SERPs. Indeed, search engines such as Google want to show results that provide quality information related to the user’s search. As such, you’ll need to think about what potential customers/clients might be searching for and provide them with relevant information.

    An example of a piece of quality content could be an informative blog post about new service that your business is offering as those who are interested in the service can read the blog and learn more about the service that your business is now able to provide.

    However, this still brings the question; ‘how does one judge the value of content that they are creating?’ One such way of judging the value of your content is social share or links. If people think your website’s content is good quality, they may be motivated to share it with others or reference it in a blog of their own, providing their own readers with a link to your content. Indeed, creating quality content is a fantastic digital marketing strategy to attract natural links.

    If you would like to learn more about how high quality website content can help you rank higher in SERPs, you can do so by reading our blog titled, “5 Ways How Good Website Content Can Help You To Get Great Rankings”.
  2. Optimise Your Website’s Content For Local Keywords
    Of course keywords are important, however it is critical that you choose the right keywords and it is very important that you do not overuse them. Using keywords too often is known as keyword stuffing and is a ‘black hat SEO technique’ which could result in penalties. If you would like to learn more about the risks of using such techniques, please read our blog titled, “Don’t Be Tempted By Unethical ‘Black Hat’ SEO Strategies!”

    Keep your local keywords in mind as you write content. Just because an article or a blog has a primary keyword to focus on doesn’t mean you have to write that keyword as often as possible. Instead keep the content high quality and on topic. Don’t overuse keyword, write about the keyword.

    If you’re struggling to stay on topic without overusing your keyword, one technique you can use is something known as LSI Keywords. These keywords are related to your primary keyword and thus help you keep talking about your keyword without overusing the keyword in question.

    However, LSI keywords are not synonyms of your primary keyword. Instead think of them as a related search. Yes you might be trying to rank for ‘Restaurant in Reading’, but somebody could also be searching for ‘Fine Dining in Reading’ or ‘First Date in Reading’.
  3. Don’t Forget About Voice Search
    In our 21st century society, voice search is increasing in popularity. Many people are using their Smartphones not only to search for local businesses to visit, but they’re using voice search to do so. Additionally with the rising popularity of voice assistants such as Amazon Echo, Google Home or other similar products, optimising for voice search is a very important part of local search optimisation.

    So how can you optimise for voice search?

    Instead of thinking about your potential customers/clients might search for, consider what they might say. Think about how people ask questions verbally, you might notice how long tail keywords might become longer or more specific. For example, a voice search might not be ‘where can I get Italian food in Reading’, it might become ‘where can I get Bruschetta in Reading’.

    If you’re not sure what potential customers/clients might be searching for, ‘put yourself in their shoes’. Consider scenarios when they might be searching for your business and think about what they might say.
  4. Attend An Advanced SEO Course Or Consider A Professional Local SEO Service
    If you are searching for ways to increase your ranking in SERPs for local search, consider attending an advanced Search Engine Optimisation training course from SEO Junkies.

    With a professional Search Engine Optimisation training course from the talented team at SEO Junkies, you will learn about SEO concepts and terminology, you’ll learn many things including how to identify realistic SEO goals, how to complete effective keyword research and you’ll learn how to optimise your website’s on-page content.

    If you would like more details regarding the many training courses that are available from the talented SEO Junkies team, please don’t hesitate to contact our team by calling 0845 373 0595.

    However if you feel that professional training courses aren’t for you, we also offer a professional Local SEO service. So, if you’re in interested in a professional service for SEO In Wokingham speak to the friendly and dedicated SEO Junkies team and enquire about our services for Local Search.

    The skilled Search Engine Optimisation professionals at SEO Junkies have provided professional SEO services for numerous different businesses from a wide variety of different industries. Our team is comprised of very dedicated professionals who keep up to date with the latest techniques in order to provide high quality services.

    So if you want to learn more about Local SEO or if you’re interested in a professional Local SEO service, give our friendly and dedicated team a call today. 

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