If you own or run a website for your business or hobby, you will want people to find it and read it. Did you know that some websites are never seen by 75% of internet users?* That’s where SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) can help. Learn these 7 basic SEO tips to make your website rank higher.

7 Basic Tips Every Website Should Apply

How can you impress millions of users who surf the web daily? Take note of these 7 simple yet important SEO tips:

1. Quality content. You have probably heard a lot about creating quality content and how it can boost your SEO. For search engine optimisation, quality content is extremely important. Beware, quality content doesn’t only mean the correct spelling and grammar – it is all about the quality of the text. It has to be informative, engaging, entertaining and evoke curiosity in readers to make them want to read more.

2. Website design. Just like having quality content, website design is critical to the success of the page. It has to load fast, be easy to navigate, include high-quality photos and be error-free. If you run a successful ecommerce business, make it easy to buy. Don’t give customers time to doubt their decision and abandon their shopping cart before the checkout.

3. Text. Optimise the text on your website with appropriate keywords. Include them in relevant context and remember to use keywords at least once in a header. This makes search engine optimisation easy as web spiders will crawl your site in search for the relevant information and keywords.

With regard to the visual side of your website, avoid using too many colours, fonts and sizes. Make your website look neat and professional.

4. Photos and videos. Users love engaging content. Instead of having plain text throughout your website, use images and videos. This is especially relevant for ecommerce business owners. You should include product photos and demonstrative videos.

5. Social media. Social media is a great way to communicate with your customers and clients on a more personal level, and for creating better brand awareness. Make it easy to share your products and content on your page.

6. Meta tags. Meta tags let people and search engines know what your website is all about, and whether they should continue reading it or not. If you use a keyword in your text, make sure to include the same keyword in your meta tag.

7. Analyse. Google has various useful tools to help you analyse your progress and shows where you need to improve. Be sure to use them to keep track of the progress you make.

SEO Junkies To The Rescue

If applied correctly throughout your website, these 7 tips should help to increase your websites SEO. Remember; it is all about quality and user experience.

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