Flaw In WordPress SEO Plugin Hits Millions Of Site

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"WordPress-SEO" from Yoast was subject to a security issue in the last few days with the plug-in having to be patched to prevent any potential hacker from taking over a blog installation. However the danger was not a high risk with serious work required to dupe someone into exploiting the flaw. An authorised WordPress user would have had to be tricked into clicking a carefully crafted link. SEO Services from SEO Junkies provide you with the most trustworthy and best possible SEO marketing.

What Were The Potential Dangers?

An attack could have allowed a hacker to insert malware, adware spam-links and other unwanted content onto databases.

The man who unmasked the flaw Ryan Dewhurst said: "One possible attack scenario would be an attacker adding their own administrative user to the target WordPress site, allowing them to compromise the entire web site."

So clearly the severity of the flaw was very real but the imminent risk may not have been, but it is far better to be rid of it than to ponder potential consequences.

Due to the fact that WordPress SEO by Yoast is one of the most popular word press plugins it comes with a certain expectation that it works very, very well. But clearly it is not perfect.

That’s why to ensure you keep your website secure you should use the SEO Services available from SEO Junkies and help to create the best online business you possibly with a website from Advansys.

SEO Junkies - An SEO Company You Can Trust

Because we use the best, most ethical techniques, we can get your business the results you want virtually risk free. The SEO team we have at SEO Junkies are experts in the industry and we keep an extremely vigilant eye on and monitor all of our campaigns progress. Our SEO Services provide you with extensive monthly reports in great detail to feedback all of this information to you. This therefore allows us to discuss and analyse the exact components that are and aren’t working for you and enable us to decide what the very best steps to use going forward are.

There two main types of SEO:

  • White Hat SEO – This is the type of search engine optimisation that we practice. White Hat SEO refers to using ethical practices to achieve results, i.e. practices that are honest, legal and acceptable methods for both on page and off page SEO.
  • Black Hat SEO – This is the opposite of White Hat search engine optimisation. Black Hat SEO uses dishonest, unacceptable or illegal techniques in order to trick search engines into high rankings. Do not trust an SEO company that mentions techniques like page cloaking or link stuffing.

Reliable SEO Services

To ensure that you have the optimal online marketing services and the best chance to succeed as a business online use our fantastic and trustworthy SEO Services at SEO Junkies and be the best you can be. Please don’t hesitate to call us on: 0118 380 0203 or email us at sales@seojunkies.com

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