How Can You Tell Google When Multiple Domains are Related?

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When Google introduced penalties for spam links, it changed the SEO game for everyone. Suddenly even legitimate links were suspect, and it was harder for you to grow your business, despite doing your best to stick to the rules.

So if you own several sites which are all connected in some way, how can you let Google know your sites connect? And how can you do this without incurring penalties for what Google’s algorithms may see as spam? There are a number of ways, depending on how your websites are linked.

How Can You Tell Google Multiple Domains Are Related?

  • When Domains Are Linked As Different Language Versions

Google can find it difficult to verify links when they are placed on your website. In order to help the algorithm scan your site effectively, SEO specialists advise that your webmaster uses the hreflang tag in html. This allows you to show which language your site is in, which thus tells Google that the link is legitimate. Another way to link localised websites to each other is to use your XML sitemap to link ccTLDs (country code top-level Domain) together by mentioning each of them within the sitemap. This tells Google that these are different language versions and thus legitimate links. You can also link to a global version of your website, for which Google suggests you use .com. There you can list each localised version of the site in order to help people find the correct site for their location.

  • When You Own Several Domain Names Or Websites

An easy way to allow these to link to each other is to use your Google+ account. Using the links section within the account, you can ensure that your sites are all available from underneath your brand umbrella. This means that those following business card links or similar will find you and all your sites. SEO specialists can help you to streamline your links so it is obvious that these four or five domains belong to you, and thus are linked.

  • Linking Sites In Similar Areas

If all your sites are in the same language and on similar topics, linking 100 of them together is going to look a lot like spam to Google’s algorithms. In the footer of your page, however, you can always link to four or five of these sites in order to draw awareness that you have more sites in a similar vein. Be careful though, as more than five looks like spam, and then Google will penalise your site. However, using the help of SEO specialists you can find legitimate ways to link the best of your sites together, without drawing the negative attention of Google.

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