How Social Media Sites Can Boost Your SEO Rankings

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Owning a successful business means that you always have to be one step ahead of your competition. Follow these tips on how to boost your SEO (search Engine Optimisation) by using social media.

4 Steps To Help You Navigate Your Social Media Page

Did you know that social media has a huge impact on your SEO rankings? Google is changing rapidly and constantly implementing new techniques to improve user experience. Therefore, social media has a big impact on your rankings.

4 simple steps towards improving your social media presence and boosting your SEO:

1. Building your audience. Sign up for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, Youtube or any other social media channel relevant to your business. Using Facebook and Youtube can be an engaging way to introduce your new products and hear honest feedback from customers.
Develop engaging content to attract your target audience. Communicate, share information, and allow your followers to easily share your posts.

2. Introducing quality content. To be successful you have to pull all your resources together.
- Create unique and engaging content. Write something people want to know more about. Be their guide and share invaluable information.
- Add relevant photos and videos. People love images, photos and any other visual content. So post relevant images of your products or services whenever you can.

These are the things that matter; Google takes content very seriously when ranking your website. Always look for opportunities to boost your SEO.

3. It is all about sharing. Social media is all about sharing. Make the content you post interesting and worth sharing, and include links to your website. If possible, include social media icons to your main website to encourage even more sharing.

4. Update your account on a regular basis. Be consistent and introduce content regularly. If you have followers it is very important to meet their expectations.

What Social Media Platforms To Use

• Twitter and Facebook. As the most famous social networks out there, they are great for giving users personalised results. There are also a lot of functions to help you to promote your business to the right audience. Engagement is also significant as Google ranks activity such as likes and shares.

• Google+ uses personalised information when presenting you with search results. It also has amazing features for small businesses, such as Google Places. The more authentic and engaging your profile is, the more authority it will build.

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