Scams You Need To Watch Out For When Hiring An SEO Company

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A professional and legitimate SEO company cannot guarantee your business complete success but it can ensure that your business is much more visible on the internet. By making your eCommerce solutions ever more search-engine friendly, a proper firm can help to provide you with a better understanding of your target audience through the keywords they use too.

It can sometimes to be difficult to tell the differences between a legitimate web optimisation service and something which has been set up specifically to take your money, particularly if you don't know that much about search engine optimisation yourself. At SEO Junkies, we take pride in our work. Fake companies which abuse our specialisation to scam you out of money are not only hurting your business, but hurting the reputation of every legitimate business in the world.

Six Phrases Which Should Make You Rethink Your Choice Of SEO Company

  1. 'We Offer Free Of Cost Services!' – Whilst you may occasionally come across an SEO company offering a deal or promotion, or perhaps one service for free as part of a paid package, no legitimate operation is going to work for free for any extended period of time. It is advisable to be suspicious of anyone, particularly any business, who is offering services for free. Always think about what they are getting from the deal; if you can't think of one then they are trying to gain access to something you posses and they can't think of another way of doing so.
  2. 'We Guarantee First Page Rankings!' – No real search engine optimisation service will guarantee your business reaches the top spot of the first page of search results. That just isn't how SEO works. The top ranking is dependent on numerous factors and doesn't relying on the good will of an SEO copywriting service. A company can certainly work on getting your business to the top spot, and it will increase your visibility and exposure through informative content and optimising your website's language, but there cannot be a guarantee of receiving the highest traffic.
  3. 'We Submit Your Site To Hundreds Of Search Engines!' – How many search engines do you use on a regular basis? In fact, how many search engines do you think you have used in your life? What use would submitting your business to hundreds of search engines when only four or five are used on a regular basis by a wide range of people? If your SEO agency does claim this, ask them to list a good portion of the search engines they will submit your website to and see how many they can think of, remember or make up on the spot.
  4. 'We Posses A Secret Formula For SEO Success!' – Unfortunately, there is no secret formula. If there was, it would make search optimisation a lot easier. Any 'secret formula' an SEO Company might be espousing is simply a lie they are telling to grab your attention or insinuates that they are using unethical, 'black-hat' techniques, which only go to harm your business' website in the long run.

An Experienced And Legitimate SEO Company

At SEO Junkies we don't have a secret formula to guarantee first-page search engine result pages. What we do have are years of proven experience in encouraging a business' growth in natural, fresh traffic as a result of search engine optimisation.

We ensure that every aspect of your website is search-engine friendly and that every piece of uniquely written content contains the most up to date and relevant information. We take pride in helping our clients climb to the first page of search engine results, and then take first position on that results page, but it is not something we can guarantee.

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