SEO Guide: What is Google Authorship?

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Attaining Google Authorship is achieved through Google+. It is a free service that adds a significant amount of authority to your webpage and could increase the quality of your search results.

What Is Google Authorship?

Essentially, Google Authorship is the byline that appears under the search result headers. This consists of:

  • A profile picture (Google+ profile picture) of the person who wrote the content.
  • The name of the person who wrote the content
  • Your influence on Google+

All together, the byline can look like this:

Photograph – by Adam Adams – in 222 Google+ circles

Google Authorship confirms that the content provided has come from a reliable source and is not spam or junk. This will significantly improve your page’s authority and could improve your rankings in Google search pages.

When using Google Authorship you need to consider the quality of the image you are using (usually the most appropriate choice is a professional image) and to try and develop your Google+ circles as the more circles your page influences the more likely a searcher will click on the page.

Google+ Authorship is appeasing to the eye and will generate more clicks on your page which will also build on the authority of the page and could improve your rankings. If your site is ranking in a lower position on the page, Google Authorship could be essential for your site. The human eye may be drawn to page one, position one, but the eye will glance over the lower positions too and Google Authorship is extremely noticeable and attractive to the human eye. This then puts the power back in your hands and gives smaller sites or new pages a chance to stand out against big competitors.

As a final point, Google themselves are expecting Google Authorship to be a vital addition to the future of SEO, Eric Schmidt, Executive Chairman of Google says “information tied to verified online profiles will be ranked higher than content without such verification, which will result in most users naturally clicking on the top (verified) results.”*

Google Authorship is a simple yet very effective technique to use to improve your sites seo.

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