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In order for a webmaster to perform efficient maintenance and remain aware of their sites indexing status and rankings, a webmaster will want access to as much information and data as possible.

Google Webmaster Tools is a reliable service that can help every website with their SEO and website success and is used by many web developers and SEO Specialists.

What Is Google Webmaster Tools?

Google Webmaster Tools is a free service to webmasters and web developers that allows them to use specific tools and methods to understand the status of their website as well as use it to improve their rankings. Basically, it opens up communication with Google and therefore, you can understand what Google expects in order for your website to rank highly and generate traffic.

Google Webmaster Tools is essentially what you can do with your site with the data that is revealed; it is a reflective insight into any problems or errors that are occurring in your site as Google sees it.

Why Is Google Webmaster Tools So Important?

Google Webmaster Tools will help you devise an effective strategy to develop successful campaigns to improve SEO and generate relevant and consistent traffic to your site. The information can help you identify specific areas that Google has highlighted including:

  • Search queries – this is presented with a clear listing of average keyword rankings, impressions and clicks. This is helpful for raising the webmaster’s awareness of keywords (some they may not be aware of) that are leading searchers to your website.
  • Keywords – Google will analyse keywords found on your site, this is essential to ensure the keywords you are using on your site are working in conjunction with what searchers are typing into the Google search engine.
  • Crawl errors – Google will acknowledge any errors it encountered when crawling your site, this includes missing pages, server errors, broken links, denied access and anything that can stop a visitor using your site correctly.
  • Sitemaps – This summarises all the sitemaps that can be found on your site including URLs submitted, URLs indexed and how many errors and warnings have occurred.

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