SEO News: How Do Google Evaluate Their Algorithms

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Evaluating algorithms ensures that users gain better, more accurate search results, with fewer spam links and less useless information. SEO consultants know the best way to ensure your site keeps the top spot by understanding the Google algorithm evaluation process.

The Steps To Evaluating New Google Algorithms

Google search algorithms are evaluated by three different steps:

  1. First, the algorithm is tested offline, with no change to the Google website at this point. They check that the URLs being provided are of a higher quality, according to search quality raters, than those previously appearing. A new algorithm may also bring up new links which will need to be checked by the search quality raters before Google can decide whether the new algorithm is an improvement or not.

    This is where most algorithms get thrown out, as they either do not work as expected and do not change the search rankings at all, or they pick up a lot of webspam. Some algorithms react strangely and find search results which should not be placed as high as they are appearing. An algorithm which generates uncertain results gets scrapped at this point. If the metrics look good, however, Google will then move on to the next testing phase.
  2. The second step is live testing, where a subset of Google users gets given the new algorithm, and Google see what happens. If they get better a click rate on the new search results, it may imply that those are better than the previous results, and therefore the new algorithm works better. Sometimes spam can get in the way of these results being clear. In general, however, the more clicks a search result gets, the better the content. These changes are the reason why SEO consultants can be useful for your business, as they will evaluate the newest algorithm. They will then edit your content to ensure that you are still ranking high in your chosen keywords.
  3. Finally, the Google Search Quality Launch Committee has their say on whether the algorithm goes live for public use or not.

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