SEO News: What Three Google Tools Can You Use To Gain More Visibility?

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Gaining visibility on Google can be a tricky business due to the huge amount of competition found online. Even if you have perfectly executed SEO (search engine optimisation) and optimised content on your site, you’re still competing with millions of other merchants over that desirable first page slot. Here are three Google tools that SEO Experts recommend for improving your visibility on Google.

What Are Three Ways To Gain More Visibility?

For those seeking to improve their Google visibility, there are some great tools available.

1. Google Keywords Planner

Keywords are specific words or phrases targeted for SEO, these are very important for creating and maintaining Google visibility. To choose the best keywords, you will first need to understand the searching habits of your target audience, and then ensure the copy on your website is rich in the relevant keywords.

For example, if you were an electric bike company, your target keywords could be “electric bikes”, “electric bicycles” and so on.

SEO Experts believe that the Google Keywords Planner can be a significant aid in improving visibility. The Keywords Planner shows how certain keywords have performed in the past and how these keywords are likely to perform. To increase visibility on Google for your keywords, it is important that you target the phrases which will give you quick wins which can be built upon once authority has been gained.

2. Google AdWords

Google AdWords are adverts for your business based on the keywords that you are targeting. AdWords or PPC is an excellent tool for increasing visibility on Google almost instantly.

When people search for your keyword, your advert will appear next to the search result. Essentially, this means with strong keywords, you can achieve high visibility, page one adverts for your business and see a potential increase in revenue and sales.

3. Google Consumer Surveys

For an online advertiser or merchant, Google Consumer Surveys can offer up a wealth of highly valuable information about how your online business is performing. SEO Experts believe that Google Consumer Surveys can increase a website’s click-thru rating by up to 10%.

Basically, Google Consumer Surveys allow website owners to see how satisfied the users are by asking them a series of survey questions. Google offer survey questions for free, with other custom questions available for a small fee.

These survey results are automatically populated by Google based on what information the completed surveys give out. This will then give your website a rating based on the opinions of your websites’ customers.

Adverts with these ratings often appear higher in Google searches, demonstrating that not only is the website performing well, but also that the consumers are satisfied with the services offered. A website with a strong rating will see an increase in traffic too - often up to 10% more - so Google Consumer Surveys are an excellent tool to increase visibility.

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