SEO Vs. New SEO Sustainable Techniques Moving 2014

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Every ecommerce website owner should engage in successful SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) techniques. High rankings on major search engines can result in attracting more customers, increasing revenue and brand awareness. So where is SEO heading?

SEO Vs. Future SEO

Take a look at SEO as it was, how it is now, and how it will continue to be in years to come.

  • SEO. Before Google took matters into its own hands, SEO experts applied various black hat techniques that concentrated on increasing webpage ranking at the expense of quality content. Optimisation was done for the search engines; content and titles were created with the search engine in mind. Therefore, content was not relatable to readers and uninteresting. Websites were focused towards short-term success rather than reaching long-term goals, and exposure was based on article submission sites rather than the quality of your content.
  • For new SEO, the goal is raising brand awareness and increasing customer engagement. High rankings are seen as a reward for presenting quality content, rather than manipulating algorithms to attract traffic. Now, diversifying and receiving traffic from various websites and social media is well-practised. Everything you do on your website should engage users and provide them with quality content. Blogs are more popular than ever, so create interesting headlines to intrigue readers. Your company should write their own blog to increase authority and to be established as an expert in the field. Participate in the community, for example, by reading and commenting on other blogs, building relationships and collaborations.

Positive User Experience Is Key. How Can You Engage Your Users?

So what are the main differences between old and new SEO techniques? How should you act if you want to engage your users?

What you need to remember is that times are changing. Search engine optimisation is no longer about algorithm manipulation. Now, the focus in on creating an excellent customer experience and providing valuable information.

Whilst promoting your products, provide valuable information for your users. Photo and customer reviews are integral for a successful businesses. Take the time to write high-quality content and you will succeed.

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