What Are Google's Top Search Tricks?

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The more you know about how to use search engines the more you'll know about peoples search patterns, which has numerous SEO and traffic benefits. To learn more about the best practices, book a place on one of SEO Junkies SEO training courses.

Google's Top Search Tricks

Understanding how to search on Google beyond the basics will give you insights into the search habits of others and help your SEO.

1. Use Google To Search Website Content - Some websites do not have an advanced search engine which means that, when you search for content on their website, you might not be able to find it. You can use Google to search the website by writing in Google’s search bar e.g.: ‘site: amazon.com Brandon Sanderson’. This means that instead of trying to use Amazon’s search bar you can use Google’s.

2. Ask Google For A Product Or Website - If you want to see how your competitors are doing and what price they are selling their products at but don’t know any of the brand names of your competitors you can ask Google by typing in e.g.: ‘Netflix vs.’, Google will then show Amazon Prime or articles for Netflix vs. Amazon Prime.

3. Look At Real-Time Results - If you want to monitor coverage and results in real-time you can click on ‘Search Tools’, ‘Any Time’ and select the time that you want to look at. If you want to customise the real-time results you can ‘add &tbs=qdr’ and the time that you want to look at, h for hours, n for minutes and s for seconds. The number should be after the letter e.g.: h5.

4. Refine Search Terms - This will make your searching more efficient as otherwise you could miss important results, e.g. if you were looking for ‘SEO tips’ you might miss articles with ‘Tips for SEO’ in. You can fix this by typing ‘SEO AROUND (2) tips’ so Google will know that you are looking for results that have those words in that are close to each other but don’t have to be in the same order as you entered.

5. Take Out Unwanted Search Results - If you are searching for Paris the city and you do not want articles on Paris Hilton, to make sure these are not included you can enter ‘Paris-Hilton’.

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