What Are The Best Practices For SEO

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As Google algorithms change, so do SEO’s best practices. A very important part of your marketing strategy, search engine optimisation is still considered as the best path for ranking success. The fundamentals of SEO still remain the same and can be seen to yield excellent results. When you sign up to a campaign, your SEO consultant will complete tasks such as keyword research and on page optimisation as well as a number of technical issues such as compliance and code structure.

What Has Changed For SEO?

There have been a number of changes on a technical level that affect SEO Practices and tactics.

  • With “keyword (not provided)” changes from Google, means that there is less data to be analysed when reporting and measuring keyword referral data.
  • Blogging has become a powerful tool for SEO - helpful for link building and developing authority, blogs are a fantastic platform for a providing a consistent and fresh supply of great content.
  • Google algorithms, such as Penguin, have changed how link building works. Penguin for example, penalises low quality links meaning there is even more of an emphasis on good quality, high page rank links when link building.
  • SEO Consultants have spotted an increase in the awareness of how keywords can demonstrate what stage of a buying cycle a customer is in. This is especially true of B2B (business to business) sites, where digital assets are being designed with this in mind.

So What Are The Best Practices For SEO?

While the above changes have affected the tactics used to approach search engine optimisation, the basic practices have remained the same. Search engines, especially Google, reward sites that feature strong content, have a strong authoritative voice on their subject and offer a brilliant user experience. All of these points should be considered when conceptualising an SEO campaign.

Search engines also want to rank sites in order of their relevance to any given keyword. As a result of smartphone apps such as Siri, users are now asking more questions to search engines. So, in order to keep users returning, Google is always looking to reward relevant sites which answer these questions.

You may be reading this and thinking it’s a little repetitive, but it’s true that high quality content really is king. By providing a constant stream of high quality copy you can position your website as a voice of authority on a given keyword, setting yourself apart from potential rivals.

Although there is less data to be analyzed thanks to Google’s algorithm changes, monitoring your website’s performance is still important in an SEO campaign. Tools such as Google’s Webmaster tools and Google Analytics enables your SEO consultant to check search rankings, monitoring traffic to URLs and check the total number of organic search visitors. Talk to our SEO consultants to learn more about this.

By following these basic practices, you can ensure your SEO campaign will be a success.

For advice on how best to use SEO, or how any of Google’s algorithm changes have affected how SEO works, speak to our specialist SEO Consultants at SEO Junkies.

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