What Important Google Analytics Reports Are Needed

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Google Analytics provides us with all the necessary data and information about our website/s to help us create a successful marketing strategy for our online ecommerce business. With the recent introduction of Google’s Hummingbird it is more important than ever to ensure you are using relevant information that is significant to your website’s SEO strategy.

Here at SEO Junkies, we are a leading search engine optimisation company and can help you achieve online success with our knowledge of important tools, such as Google analytics.

What Important Google Analytics Reports Do You Need?

You can create custom reports that are of specific interest to your business. Here are 5 essential reports to use from Google Analytics:

  1. SEO overview – This is vital for SEO as a clear display of landing page URLs, page titles, keyword themes and the traffic that is driving to each page.
  2. Page analysis – The content efficiency analysis report will provide a breakdown of each page’s entrances, bounce rate, unique visitors, page views, time spent on each page, goal value per visit and more.
  3. Efficiency and Performance – The acquisition efficiency analysis report measures all sources of traffic to a website, this includes organic listings from Google itself.
  4. Referral traffic – Understand what links are bringing your traffic in and where your traffic is coming from. Click on the landing page URLs to get further information about each link.
  5. Mobile performance – Mcommerce is becoming more popular with 72% of Brits owning a smart phone*, not to mention the global success and development of tablets. You can see what mobile operating systems are being used to view your site and receive a breakdown of the bounce rates and conversion rate etc.

Find All You Need To Know About Google Analytics With SEO Junkies

Google Analytics provide a large variety of data analysis that can benefit your SEO strategy. The five items listed are above are essential for SEO but it is important to understand and make full use of all the tools Google Analytics have to get the best ranking results possible for your ecommerce site.

Here at SEO Junkies, we are here to help and have a wealth and knowledge and experience that can lead your ecommerce site to position one, page one on Google. We are a leading SEO company that specialises in understanding all the strategies needed to improve your ranking results.

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