What Should An SEO Package Contain?

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SEO packages from SEO Junkies are cost - and time - effective. They can help you get the best out of your website so you can see an increase in traffic, conversions and ultimately more money for your business.

What Comes In An SEO Package?

SEO packages contain a number of different strategies and techniques that are used to ensure your business is following the best practices needed for great search engine results:

1. Audit Of The Technical Structure Of Your Website - An SEO consultant will look through your website, analysing on-page and off-page elements to make sure that there is nothing that will prevent your website’s success. This is because the technical infrastructure, your site’s current architecture and the content management system you’re using is vital to making your website more successful.

2. Improving Search Result Through Keywords - SEO consultants will use keywords to optimise the amount of people accessing your website through analysing competitor’s keywords and surveying customers, clients and suppliers. This will help improve your ranking on search engine results pages and is an essential component of our SEO packages as keywords are integral to the success of the SEO campaign.

3. Building Links and Citations - Off-page optimisation can improve your ranking on the search engines. If you have a back link or a citation from an authoritative website then Google will see this as a validation for your website and they will rank your website higher with a positive rating. This will be done through analysing your current link profile, analysing your competitor’s profiles, submitting your website to relevant, quality directories, social bookmarking and networking.

4. SEO Copywriting - An SEO expert may think that some pages need to be added or rewritten for your website. This optimised copy will include the keywords that you need to drive traffic to your website. The keywords will be added subtly and naturally rather than forced in to optimise the amount of keywords in the copy which can put people off reading this information and spammy for search engines. The copy will be a balance between being engaging for readers but also informing search engine spiders what your copy is all about.

SEO packages are extremely important as they contain tools that are vital to improving your website, which can increase customers and increase sales. This is done by improving the awareness of your brand through improving the ranking of your website on search engines, such as Google, by getting your website to page one rankings. This will increase the chances of your website being seen by customers and if it is ranked on page one the customer will assume it is relevant to what they are looking for and click on your website thus increasing the number of customers accessing your website.

Interested In SEO Packages?

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