Why Should You Combine PPC And SEO

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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Pay Per Click (PPC) differ in a number of ways. SEO is the natural process of improving a website’s rank on search engine results pages (SERP). PPC, on the other hand, is a paid alternative to improve a website’s SERP position, which involves a business paying the search engine to display their site via adverts.

However different, the two online marketing disciplines can complement each other for a more successful strategy. At SEO Junkies, our SEO specialists can help implement them both correctly.

Why DO SEO Specialists Think PPC And SEO Should Be Combined?

Both PPC and SEO increase traffic to a website, so combining the two for even more traffic makes sense. Not only this, analysis and data gathered from one strategy can be used to improve the other, so they can benefit each other. Here are some reasons to combine SEO and PPC.

Visibility – Once a search term is highly ranked, it can be tempting to reduce pay per click efforts. However, being ranked high on SERPs and appearing in the paid search results will increase exposure even more. PPC ads on most SERPs are ranked in the top three results in a search. If a website is prominent in both the pay-per-click ads and organic search results, it will significantly increase traffic and help establish it in their particular market.

Keyword Data – Running a search engine optimisation and PPC campaign in unison will provide more data to analyse. There will be greater scope to determine which keywords have the highest conversion rates. This information can then be used to optimise the overall strategy. It is also useful to test organic keywords in PPC ads for their effectiveness. The results are immediate so the strategy can be adjusted promptly. At SEO Junkies, our SEO specialists can also help websites rank for the appropriate keywords.

Content Strategy – As with the keywords, meta descriptions and content can also be tested on adverts for immediate feedback. What works for PPC tends to work for Google optimisation, while organic testing can take a long time.

Social Media – Paid ads on search engines are a good source of traffic, but social media channels such as Facebook and Youtube can offer ads which are targeted to much more specific groups of people. Facebook in particular can use profile information to target ads in incredible detail. Analysis from this can uncover details about a target audience which can be used to refine SEO strategy.

These are just some reasons why a business should combine PPC and SEO. For a campaign to be successful, it is important to have as much data and information as possible. PPC and SEO will increase traffic and help build a better strategy.

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