Why Should You Hire An Ethical SEO Company?

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An ethical SEO company is a company that uses acceptable techniques known as white hat SEO. White hat SEO is based around open, honest techniques and accountability. At SEO Junkies, we’re proud to say we use only tried and tested techniques to get you the results you deserve.

Why Should You Only Hire An SEO Company That Uses White Hat Techniques?

The main reason that you should not hire an SEO company that uses black hat SEO is that you will be found out. Some SEO companies that use black hat SEO will try and convince you that it is the easiest, quickest solution to getting to the top of the search rankings and that you will never be caught. This is a lie.

Search engines know about black hat SEO and they know all the techniques and how to discover if your website is using them. Google has developed new algorithms that penalise any website that is found to be using black hat SEO.

These penalties include being moved down in the search engine results. This is bad for your company as your website will be lower down in the search results  making it  unlikely that it will be seen and clicked on by users. Your business will lose out on vital sales and revenue!

If you are found to be using black hat SEO Google might not just give your website a penalty but will remove your site entirely from its search results list. This significantly reduces the chances of your website being discovered by any new customers and will impact heavily on your business.

You should not use an SEO company that uses black hat SEO because not only will you get into trouble with search engines like Google, you will lose customers. While initial organic traffic may skyrocket, you will eventually be penalised, as mentioned above. Brand awareness will plummet if you have received a Google penalty. As your site will be almost inaccessible on search engine results pages, or maybe not show up at all, then you will have no visibility online. Without an online presence, how are you meant to attract new customers, generate leads and grow? You can’t. Avoid black hat SEO companies for this reason!

It is not worth it to use black hat SEO because it might get your website to the top of the search rankings, but for how long before customers black list you and search engines remove your website?

What is White Hat SEO?

White hat SEO is a series of ethical techniques based around natural link building with relevant, authoritive sites plus link baiting. Link baiting may sound a little dodgy, but its perfectly natural. It is the practice of creating content that encourages customers and visitors to properly engage with it. For example, you may write a fantastic article on how to maintain and fit door knobs for your door handles site. A customer may notice it, see its relevancy and decide to share with their friends via social media. 

These techniques are all about creating brand awareness. Google will notice using these ideas and concepts, such as creating unique, engaging content with diluted, non-spammy keyword density. Google will not punish you, and your site will soon be soaring towards page one!

SEO Junkies: A White Hat SEO Agency

When you hire SEO Junkies, you can rest assured that our campaigns are run in an open, fair and honest way. We never use any shady practices or techniques to get our clients the results they want. 

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