How Google's 'Mobilefriendly' Update Affects sites

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Google will be updating its algorithm’s on the 21st April 2015 in what Google has coined as a “significant impact” on mobile search results for those searching on mobile platforms. This will lead to massive changes to how websites perform on mobile devices and for the future for many sites.

How Will The Mobile Friendly Update Affect Your Site?

Here at SEO Junkies our SEO services will ensure your website is fully optimized to be a huge online success. Take Google’s Mobile friendly test by inserting your URL and within 60 seconds it will give a comprehensive pass/fail response and definitive reasons why it is unfriendly.

If you have achieved a positive test result then your Ecommerce website will immensely benefit from the mobile friendly algorithm and at the very least it will retain its search rankings. If sites that are higher than yours presently and are not mobile friendly it is highly likely that you will end up usurping them.

Therefore having a negative score means that when the updates come into play then there are serious negative consequences that could hamper your Ecommerce website. You could be pushed down the rankings and you could also have incredibly low organic Google mobile search visits and sales. Our SEO services at SEO Junkies will ensure you don’t have to suffer negatively.

However there is no sure fire way of knowing the exact extent of how hard sites could be hit until the actual release of the algorithm but we know there will definitely be implications.

The update is being labeled as “significant” by Google which for them is a big deal. Former updates labeled in the same manner where the Penguin and Panda algorithm, which highlights the amount of emphasis Google Webmaster is putting onto this update and furthers the expected impact.

Why Is Mobile Friendliness So Important?

  • Interacting with websites on smart phones and tablets is the not the same as on a desktop. There are lots of other considerations to take into account such as Click versus touch, screen size, pixel resolution, support for Adobe’s flash technology etc. So you need your Ecommerce site to incorporate all these factors by developing responsive Ecommerce for your business if you want to be a success.
  • The boom of internet traffic coming from mobile devices is increasing at an inordinate rate. It would be incredibly foolish to ignore responsive web design as more and more people surf the web on smart phones and tablets. To make the most of the mobile market and to keep costs in website production and maintenance down a one size fits all approach will become very common. At SEO Junkies provide you with SEO services to ensure you have the perfect web design.
  • The user experience is becoming integral in the Ecommerce market. Responsive Ecommerce allows the consumer to access content on websites through whatever device they wish to choose at anytime. Using responsive ecommerce you are providing the user with the optimal experience and letting them access ecommerce whenever they want and however they want, therefore making them far likely to make a purchase.

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