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Importance Of Localised SEO 

With the introduction of Google Places and the launch of Google+, localised SEO is more important than ever. What is local SEO? When you perform a search on Google, it uses your location to customise the search results for you. If you are not managing how your business is presented in Local Search, you could miss out on many opportunities when users are searching locally. Below are a few tips on how you can implement local SEO into your marketing strategy. 

Google Places Signing up for Google Places is a quick and easy way to get increased exposure in your local area. Google Places is the perfect place to start your local SEO campaign as it will help you to connect with potential customers and clients through Google Search and Maps. You will need to fill out your profile and include some basic information about your business. Do keyword research and incorporate keywords that have high search volumes into your profile for maximise your impact. You should also include eye-catching, professional images to attract customers. 

Google+ Creating a business page on Google+ will give you great search engine results, improve your existing advertising and help you connect to your audience better. Unlike other social networks, with Google+ you don’t need to keep updating it to be successful. When you implement this local SEO technique combined with your profile on Google Places, you will notice a drastic improvement in your local search rankings. Can Online Local Business Directories Help? Local business directories, such as, help businesses to connect with customers who are looking for products or services in a particular location. Appearing on local business directories will give you access to the target audience you are trying to reach, even if you aren’t ranking on the first page.  

Geographical Keywords To capitalise on local searches, it’s always best to write content that includes a few geographical terms.  Do research on your geographical location and this will give you an idea of the surrounding locations you need to target. Use these keywords to give your local SEO a boost and connect with customers in your immediate area. 

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