Best Practices For Multilingual SEO

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The internet is a global device this means that your website will not just be viewed by people in your country but everywhere that has internet. It is important that you focus on adapting your website to suit users around the world if you want your business to enter the global market; our SEO consultants offer the following tips:

Points You Need To Consider To Achieve Multilingual SEO Success

1. UTF-8 Optimisation - UTF-8 is the dominant character encoding for the internet. You need to make sure that you optimise this character coding so that your website can be viewed anywhere. You should also ensure that your website can be viewed globally by translating the website to multiple languages rather than using native translators.

2. Optimise For All Search Engines - Most companies optimise their website for the main search engines like Google or Bing, however some countries use different search engines. For example, in Russia they tend to use Yandex and in China they use Baidu. If you want your website to be viewed in these countries then you will need to make sure that your site is optimised so it is visible on these search engines. Otherwise you are missing out on a chance to maximise your website’s visibility on a global scale.

3. Think About The Shoppers For Ecommerce Sites – Shoppers from different countries all have different habits; you cannot just focus on the British market. In Russia they pay for their products upon delivery, so conversions and sales processes and metrics are different. Our SEO consultants advise you consider this for multilingual SEO as if you change the way that the customer would traditionally shop they may decide not to purchase from your site.

4. Look At Competition In Other Countries - You need to make sure that you know your competition in other countries the same way you would in your local country. This will help you make good business decisions as if you do not know your competition you could make a business decision that could inadvertently benefit them.

5. Agencies May Be Used In Some Countries - If agencies are used in some countries you need to consider using locals to represent your company there. They will understand better how business in their country operates which will benefit your company more than having someone who doesn’t understand the local culture.

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