How To Improve Your Organic Click Through Rate?

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SEO specialists often stress the importance of a high click through rate (CTR). With a strong CTR, your website or PPC (pay per click) advert will receive an excellent quality score. If you have a high Quality Score you can maintain or improve your advert position for less, or enjoy improved SEO success. The click through rate is the rate at which your PPC (pay-per-click) ads are clicked on.

Tips On How You Can Improve Your Click Through Rate

  1. Your Ranking On Search Engines Result Pages - if you have a high ranking in the search results page it is more likely that users will see your website and click on it. It’s therefore fair to say that increasing your position in the search engine results can increase your click through rate.
  2. The Title Tags – A title can greatly affect whether or not a user will click onto your site. Poor titles, and title tags, can put off potential customers so ensure you’re following best practices. Your title tag needs to be less than 65 characters; otherwise Google will shorten the title cutting out keywords. Make sure your title tags are relevant to the landing page too so customers know exactly where they’re going! Meta
  3. Description - This is the summary that will appear on the search engine results page under the title tag. This is essentially a summary of the content of an ad or web page, which can greatly influence a user’s decision to click on your site. For best practice, ensure your meta descriptions are up to 154 characters in length, contain a call to action and be relevant to your ad or site!
  4. URL – SEO specialists advise that you adjust your URL snippets to be cleaner while providing context to queries in the SERPs. For example, if the user searched for a film, such as The Matrix, on a search engine, sites that might come up could include Amazon which would have the URL This would allow the user to clearly see that the website has what they are looking for and this link will take the user straight to it with no hassle.
  5. Rich Snippets – Rich snippets are little bits of information related to the content of a webpage, such as star ratings, review scores and so on. Including these in your ad, or web page description, can demonstrate authority and reassures customers that your website is exactly the right one for them.

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