Search engine optimisation plays an extremely important part in promoting your website and therefore your business can be found through various Search Engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo which are the three major players. Achieving these High ranking positions requires a strong natural SEO campaign which will help you to achieving position one rankings on major search engine results pages (SERPS). This will increase your business's online visibility and drive customers to your site. As a strong SEO agency, we can help you achieve top SEO results!

How Will An SEO Agency Get You The Results You Desire?

  1. Dilute Your Keyword Density- This means that you should not force in as many keywords and use as many possible keyword variations into your content because using to many keywords can interrupt the natural flow of the content. This will make it appear over optimised, which search engines will frown upon. Currently, SEO is all about quality content, so ensuring your keywords are woven naturally into the text makes it easier to read for customers, which search engines will reward with the correct amount of keywords and synonyms used in your content.
  2. Use Videos And Images On Your Website - Many companies just put text in their articles or blogs. This can make readers click off your site. If they click on your blog and see a big block of text they will think: “I can't be bothered to read all of that.” You can have lots of text in your blogs but make sure that you include some videos or images to break it up a bit so readers remain engaged. This can also help set you apart from other businesses who don't take a multimedia approach. However, don't force images and videos; make sure they are relevant to the text and useful for users.
  3. Create Authoritive Valuable Links – Major search engines, especially Google, favour on-page links that take users to relevant information and authoritative sites. In and outbound links should be obtained naturally too. Doing so will make your site appear like an authority in your chosen field and your website will be rewarded accordingly.
  4. Don't Limit Your Presence On Social Media - It is important to remember that social media is expanding all the time, introducing new networks. Don't just use Facebook or Twitter; make your presence known on other social media sites. This will mean that you are not losing potential customers who use other means of social media.
  5. Fresh, Unique High Quality Content – It's important that you upload new, useful information for your customers frequently. Google, and other major search engines, are now tracking the quality of content by taking into account the amount of times your content has been visited to the bounce rate of your visitors with will prove your content is above everyone elses, Google, Bing and Yahoo all take this into account when creating search rankings. Any SEO agency knows the benefits of original, quality content so make sure you're generating plenty for SEO success.

SEO Junkies Are A Reputable SEO Agency

As an SEO agency with many years of experience, we can help you achieve fantastic SEO success for your business. Our team of experts use the best practices and techniques, like those listed above, to get your site to the top of SERPs. To discuss how we can help you, get in touch today on 0118 380 0203 or you can email

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