Why Should You Avoid An SEO Company That Uses Black Hat Techniques?

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SEO is about promoting your website should be building brand awareness, creating quality content and even strong links to ensure that your website ranks highly on search engine results pages (SERPs). The last thing you want is to be removed from search engines entirely because you hired an SEO company that uses black hat techniques.

Why Should You Never Use A Black Hat SEO Company?

Black hat SEO is essentially about getting your website to the top of the search results using underhanded methods to manipulate the system and the customer. A black hat SEO company will utilise techniques such as:

  1. Overusing Keywords - This involves forcing as many keywords into your content as possible, even unrelated keywords that aren't applicable to the content or your website.
  2. Hiding text - This is done by putting the text in white and on a white background so it is impossible to read.
  3. Link Farming - Link farming involves having as many links as possible to and from your website even if the websites that they link to and from are not relevant to your website.
  4. Doorway Pages – Clicking on a doorway page will direct users to a webpage that is different from the one they clicked on in the search engine results.
  5. Low Quality Or Thin Content – Creating thin, uninteresting low quality content is another technique that a black hat SEO company will use. Google loves relevant, informative content on sites so avoid at all costs!

All of these techniques can get your website to the top of SERPs list but manipulating the system does come at a cost. Search engines, such as Google, are able to quickly spot if a website is using black hat SEO. If you are caught you will be penalised thoroughly, or you will have your website removed entirely from their search engines results.

It is not worth using underhand methods to get to the top of the search results because your website will not be there for long before either Google catches you or users black list you.

The long term effects of this mean your brand will have a terrible reputation with Google. You'll be seen as untrustworthy, unreliable and not worth web browser's times. While you may have seen some initial increases in traffic, Google will find you out. As such, you will be penalised. Your site will hurtle down search engine rankings giving you little to know visibility so your brand awareness will plummet. Want to avoid this? Use a reliable SEO company with an impeccable reputation.

How Do You Know If An SEO Company Is Above Board?

It is important that you know whether the SEO company you have found will use only white hat techniques before you hire them. You can do this by asking the company questions such as, 'What is your company's definition of black hat?', make sure that you ask for previous references and the 'URL of everything they do and double check it'.

Our team at SEO junkies will be happy to answer these questions so that you can be certain that SEO junkies do not use any unethical methods or shady practices to get you the results you desire. You can contact the team on 0118 380 0203 or you can email sales@advansys.com.

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