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If you don’t want to hire a dedicated SEO agency to provide you with a professional Search Engine Optimisation service, have you considered speaking to the SEO specialists, SEO Junkies and enquiring about professional SEO training in Berkshire?

Don’t Want To Hire A SEO Agency? Take A Search Engine Optimisation Training Course!

Search Engine Optimisation is a fantastic digital marketing tool that can help many businesses. If you have an online presence and do not utilise SEO techniques, you might miss out on potential business opportunities.

However, at SEO Junkies, we understand that a professional SEO service is not the right step for every business. Whilst some businesses can indeed benefit from a professional copywriting service to create quality content for an SEO campaign; other businesses would find greater benefit in an Advanced SEO training session so that they can learn the skills that they need in order to create a high quality digital marketing campaign.

SEO Training In Berkshire From SEO Junkies; What Is Included?

Numerous different businesses can benefit from advanced SEO training. If you’re interested in any of the following; consider a professional SEO training course from SEO Junkies:

  • Learning about SEO concepts and terminology.
  • How to identify realistic SEO goals.
  • How to complete effective keyword research.
  • How to optimise your website’s on-page content.

Additionally our training courses can cover a wide range of topics including information regarding backlinks, PR and numerous other important pieces of SEO information.

With regards to keywords, an advanced SEO training session from SEO Junkies will teach you how to correctly research and use keywords. Throughout the training session you’ll learn about different types of keywords such as primary, secondary and long tail keywords; learning more information about these different types of keywords and the benefits of using them.

You’ll also learn about both on page and off page Search Engine Optimisation techniques. Learning about aspects of on page SEO such as robots.txt, sitemap, site messages and various other technical aspects of SEO. With regards to off page SEO you’ll learn about backlink analysis, review, outreach and more.

However, the learning opportunities do not end there. You’ll also have the opportunity to learn information about content marketing. You’ll be able to learn about landing page optimisation, creating blogs, natural copy and also have the chance to learn information about friendly URLs.

Receive A Personalised Experience With SEO Junkies

In order for us to be able to provide an in depth training session regarding your website, we only book a maximum of five delegates on any single course; this means that our professional training sessions are designed to be personalised experiences.

Restricting our sessions to a maximum of five delegates gives those attending the course more time to ask questions regarding Search Engine Optimisation, digital marketing and the course materials.

Also, when you attend a training session with SEO Junkies, the course is split into two parts, a morning session and an afternoon session. During the afternoon we will use delegate websites in order to explain how techniques can be implemented. This means that you will be able to gain the knowledge on how to utilise the techniques that you learn during the training course on your website.

Numerous Businesses Can Benefit From Search Engine Optimisation Training From SEO Junkies

A wide variety of different types of businesses can benefit from SEO training courses. So whether you’re a business who wants to learn more about advanced Search Engine Optimisation techniques and improve your own rankings, or if you’re a complete novice to SEO; you could benefit from a professional Search Engine Optimisation training service from SEO Junkies.

You’ll also receive a copy of our SEO manual, alongside digital files containing all documentation, useful links & resources and a SEO completion certificate.

Additionally, as our session lasts throughout the day, lunch and refreshments will also be provided!

What Days Are SEO Training Courses Carried Out?

The advanced SEO training courses from SEO Junkies are available every other Friday. However, as spaces are limited to 5 delegates per session, make sure that you get in touch with our friendly team and book early to avoid disappointment.

What Other Training Courses Are Available From SEO Junkies?

If you’re interested in professional digital marketing training courses, SEO Junkies can provide a wide variety of courses to share relevant information and teach you valuable skills.

In addition to our fantastic training services for Search Engine Optimisation, we can also provide training for social media, Pay Per Click advertising, Google Analytics and Click Rate Optimisation.

Interested In Advanced SEO Training? Give SEO Junkies A Call Today!

If you do not want to hire a SEO agency to provide a Search Engine Optimisation service, attending an advanced SEO training course is a fantastic idea.

By choosing a professional SEO training course from the SEO specialists SEO Junkies, you will be able to gain lots of information about digital marketing and have the opportunity to learn from skilled individuals. Additionally, if you have any questions at the end of the session, there will be an all-inclusive, Q&A session with references to specific delegate websites.

SEO Junkies have provided professional SEO services for numerous different businesses from a wide variety of different industries. We are a team of very dedicated digital marketers who keep up to date with the latest techniques in order to provide high quality services. So if you want to learn about the latest Search Engine Optimisation techniques and best practices; speak to the team of SEO experts, SEO Junkies.

Give Our Friendly And Dedicated Team A Call Today

If you would like more information regarding our training courses or if you have any questions and you would like to get in touch with the SEO Junkies team, please don’t hesitate to give us a call.

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