How Can You Measure SEO Success?

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SEO can help promote your business by increasing the chances of your website being clicked on through getting your website listed higher up in the search engine results pages. Our SEO specialists can help you achieve the results you desire, but how can you measure your search engine optimisation progress?

3 Steps SEO Specialists Use To Measure SEO Success

Using these three steps, our SEO specialists will measure the success of your SEO campaign. By following them, you can do the same!

  1. Use An SEO Analytics Program – An analytics program will provide you with all the data on the effectiveness of your SEO campaign, including rankings, traffic and so on.
  2. Ensure You Have A Baseline - The first time that you use the SEO analytics program you need to record the initial data. This will give you your baseline before you employ your SEO strategy. By establishing this baseline, you can easily measure the results of the strategy you’ve put in place. If you do not establish this baseline before you apply your SEO strategy then you will not any changes in data, making it almost impossible to measure any real successes or failures. This means that you will not be able to effectively change or improve your strategy.
  3. Analyze The Data - Once you have established the baseline you can easily analyze data trends, such as spikes in traffic and so on. This will give you an accurate measure of how your SEO strategy is performing.

What Aspects Of The Data Should You Analyze?

  1. Keyword Ranking – Analyzing keyword rankings will give you indications of what does or doesn’t need to be changed as part of your SEO strategy. This will allow you to change your strategy if need be, to take out keywords that are not ranking very well and to use more keywords that are ranking well. The data allows you to make informed strategic decisions.
  2. Traffic Volume And Quality - Traffic volume allows you to look at the number of people that are coming to your website via search engines. This will let you know whether you need to improve your SEO strategy. If you look at the data for traffic quality you will be able to see how long users are on your website. This can help you know whether your SEO is a success because if the data is showing that the user is only on your website for a short period of time then you know you need to optimise your website.
  3. Rate Of Conversions - This data allows you to see which keywords are generating these conversions and why.

If you analyse this data you will be able to see what part of your SEO campaign is working and what needs improving.

If you need help analysing this data or coming up with an SEO strategy based on the results of the analytics program you can contact SEO junkies. One of our SEO specialists will go tailor an SEO campaign that will work for you. Contact us today by calling 0118 380 0203 or send an email to

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