Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), is one of the most important aspects of online marketing, but it’s also one of the most overlooked. Many online retailers and businesses lack the necessary skills to manage an effective SEO campaign. With SEO training courses from SEO Junkies, you can learn all the processes, techniques and knowledge that will propel you towards great online succes.

What Do SEO training Courses From SEO Junkies Entail?

SEO training courses are there to make it easy for you to learn about search engine optimisation and how you can use it to help promote your business and increase your sales in a cost effective way. Our SEO training courses use a number of ways to teach you the best ways to optimise your website.

  1. Basic And Hardcore SEO tutorials - There are different levels of search engine optimisation and it is important to attend a tutorial that is the right level for you, that the tutorial touches on what you want to achieve and in a way that suits your abilities.
  2. All Day SEO Tutorials - These all day SEO tutorials provide you with enough time to learn the entire process and to be able, at the end, to work on your optimise your website to meet the standards needed for ecommerce success.
  3. USB With Resources And Links - You will receive a USB at the end of the day which contains course resources and documents so that you can teach your staff and colleagues what you learnt. Your team can then learn the techniques needed to help improve your website and use keyword selection to promote your website on all major search engines.

The Importance OF SEO Training Courses

SEO training courses are extremely important for your business because each SEO Junkies training course teaches your staff all they need to know about the world of SEO. If your site is at position one, page one, search results pages (SERP), this will greatly improve visibility. Websites that rank at the top of SERPs are considered more trusted and authoritative than if they were ranked on second or third pages. As such, more customers will click on your site and you’ll seen an increase in traffic and, ultimately, sales.

We keep our course numbers low. This way, we can really work with you, or your staff, on any and all aspects of SEO that you are unsure of. This focussed learning approach has been praised by people from all the companies we’ve worked with over the years. Visit our website to read some fantastic testimonials from our satisfied clients.

Sign Up For An SEO Junkies Training Course Today

To arm yourself with all the necessary SEO knowledge you’ll need to optimise your site, call our team today. You can sign up for an SEO training course by contacting us on 0118 380 0203 or by sending an to email Our team would be happy to book you and your staff in or explain more about the course if you are still unsure about its merits.

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